Iowa: Racism Thrives! The Drug War Is Jim Crow!

Iowa Drug war

A black person in Iowa is more than 8 times as likely to be arrested for possession of marijuana than a white person, despite equal (or even slightly lower) usage rate, an ACLU National Study Finds.


This is nearly twice the structural drug war racism aka the “modern version of Jim Crow” you find in places like New York “stop and frisk” City!

iowa is trying to be dead last to legalize cannabis i think.

they will be proud of that too.

prohibitionists are murderers though and in the end, when we finally prove that cannabis is the safest, most therapeutic substance ever discovered, we will have the final proof we need to know that the prohibitionists murdered millions with their ignorance and hate and racism. Yes, racism built the war on drugs, and they are harvesting us like cattle for prison labor, the states biggest cash crop is people.

Scott county is the worst in the nation for disparity between arrests for marijuana when you compare white to black arrests. The national average is 1 white arrested for every four black people. In Scott County, one of four worst counties in Iowa, the ratio is double the national average at 1 white arrested for every 8 black people.

that makes iowa more racist than any other state in america.

aren’t you proud iowa?

Consuming, growing, trading and yes, even selling cannabis is a human right.

Here’s the full report, “The War on Marijuana in Black and White,”.

Iowa specifics are available on the ACLU of Iowa web site.

Here’s a chart on Iowa’s five counties with the largest disparities.

Here’s a chart with data on Iowa’s most heavily populated counties.

Click here to view Iowa marijuana arrests over the last 10 years.

And here is a county-by-county breakdown of the data in Iowa.

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