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Best Hemp Flower For Fibromyalgia

Hemp flower for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disease that affects millions of Americans, and if you’re one of them, then you’re probably all-too-familiar with the ways in which it insistently alters your daily life, be it the fatigue that makes the act of getting out of bed an uphill battle, or dull, widespread pain that can last months. Many […]

Using Hemp Flower For Nerve Pain

Hemp Flower For Nerve Pain

Neuropathic, or “nerve” pain is a complicated chronic pain disorder that can be caused by a number of factors: previous injury or surgery, or a nutrient deficiency. Nerve pain can also be brought alongside another chronic disorder such as multiple sclerosis. Using hemp flower for nerve pain symptoms is a new and exciting option.  Nerve […]

The Legal Status of Smokable Flower in Arkansas and Where to Buy

Arkansas Hemp Flower

Arkansas is a hemp-friendly state that authorizes hemp farming under the 2014 Farm Bill. Although the Natural State counts over 80 licensed hemp farmers and allows the retail sale of hemp-CBD products, the legality of hemp flower is a bit complicated.   Can you legally buy hemp flower and smokable hemp products like hemp cigarettes in […]

Best Hemp Flower Strains for Diverticulitis

Hemp Flower strains for diverticulitis

Among all diverticular diseases (or conditions that affect the digestive tract), diverticulitis is considered the most serious. This digestive disease occurs when the large intestine becomes lined with tiny pouches, known as diverticula, which form points of weakness and can balloon outward, leading to potential intestinal damage. Aside from the risk of severe cases, which […]

Best Hemp Flower Strains For Elbow Pain

Hemp Flower for Elbow Pain

Elbow pain may come off as a generic, commonplace ailment, but it can cause an intense deal of pain and discomfort. Luckily, using hemp flower for elbow pain and other ailments is starting to gain traction. Elbow pain can be caused by a variety of factors, depending on the individual; whether it’s caused from physical […]

5 Best Hemp Flower Strains for Chronic Fatigue

Best Hemp Flower Strains for Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS, is a mysterious disorder we still don’t know much about. Though there are suggestions that CFS can be triggered by hormonal imbalances, stress, a weakened immune system, or some viral infections, its exact cause remains unknown. As the FDA has yet to approve an official treatment for CFS, though lifestyle […]

7 Highest CBG Hemp Flower Strains 2020

highest cbg hemp flower strain

Do you know there are many similar compounds to CBD and THC that are present in cannabis? In recent years, CBD has grown in popularity quite much and is nowadays very trending. Different brands are now taking notice, and several companies have already begun to offer products that are centered around the 100+ cannabinoids found […]

9 Highest CBD Hemp Flower Strains 2020


CBD has been in use for a long time now, and there are several reasons for it. It is also the second most common cannabinoid found in cannabis, and is a non-psychoactive chemical compound that is found in all varieties of cannabis. Unlike THC, cannabinoid or cannabidiol doesn’t cause any high-related symptoms, instead it offers […]

Smoking Hemp Flower For Appetite- Which Strain Is Best?

Hemp Flower For appetite

When some people talk about the effects of cannabis, they often bring up the “munchies,” or increased appetite that comes with it. This is characterized not only by a raised enthusiasm for eating, but also a heightened palate, making flavors stronger and food tasting better. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which […]