Delaware Hemp Flower – Where To Buy and Current Laws

Delaware Hemp Flower

Delaware launched the Hemp Pilot Research Program in March 2019 but has yet to implement rules and regulations for commercial hemp cultivation.

Can you legally buy hemp flower in Delaware? Let’s take a look at Delaware state hemp laws.

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Is Hemp Flower Legal in Delaware?

Hemp is a commodity in Delaware, but for now, the state only allows the cultivation of hemp for agricultural and academic research.

In 2014, the state passed its Industrial Hemp Research Act under the 2014 Farm Bill. The Act allows the cultivation of hemp agricultural and academic research by institutions of higher education certified by the Delaware Department of Agriculture.

In 2018, the state legislature passed Senate Bill 226, which authorizes the Delaware Department of Agriculture to adopt regulations that permit the commercial cultivation of hemp — only if the cultivation is consistent with federal law. [1]

Basically, the bill set ground but has not yet allowed for commercial cultivation of hemp in Delaware. 

According to the Delaware Department of Agriculture, the commercial cultivation of hemp will be allowed in the state after the USDA issues its own regulations, and the state’s hemp plan gets approved. 

The department allowed growers who participate in the research program to sell their crops if requirements are met. However, the department “cannot advise that a viable market will exist for any grower or processor of hemp to sell their crop.” [2] 

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Delaware?

Hemp flower is not allowed for commercial sale in Delaware, so many people find the most quality hemp flower online. 

Best Hemp Flower Available

Suver Haze Hemp Flower Delaware

Suver Haze Hemp Pre-Roll from Mr. Hemp Flower

The Suver Haze Hemp Flower Pre Roll is ideal for anyone looking for a quick, relaxing smoke without the need for rolling. These 1 gram pre-rolls contain 18-19% CBD and offer a fantastic earthy flavor with an orange aftertaste. 

Cherry Daze from Industrial Hemp Farms

This outdoor-grown strain contains nearly 16% total cannabinoids, is lightly seeded, and has a strong cherry flavor. The presence of different cannabinoids and terpenes in Cherry Daze will improve the user’s mood and induce a state of calm.

Kimber Kush from Dr Ganja

Kimber Kush from Dr. Ganja

Kimber Kush is an indica dominant strain that offers incredible nugs packed with cannabinoids 19% total. This strain has a deep and earthy flavor, and its effects kick in shortly after consumption.

Is Hemp CBD Legal in Delaware?

Hemp-derived CBD is unregulated in Delaware. Individuals with an MMJ card and a doctor’s recommendation can legally obtain CBD derived from marijuana. 

After the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is no longer considered a controlled substance. You might find hemp CBD in local stores, but because these products are unregulated, there is no guarantee the product is correctly labeled and safe. 


How much hemp flower can you purchase at once (or one time) in Delaware?

Delaware hasn’t put a limit on the quantity of hemp flower you are allowed to buy. The state doesn’t yet allow commercial cultivation of hemp.

Do you need a special license to purchase hemp flower in Delaware?

No, if you’re buying for personal needs, you don’t need a special license to purchase hemp flower.

Is it legal to sell hemp flower in Delaware?

Delaware law doesn’t allow the sale of hemp products for commercial purposes. For the 2019 season, the state allows growing hemp for research purposes. The only authorized way to sell hemp flower in Delaware is under the state’s research program. However, the state Department of Agriculture couldn’t advise that a viable market will exist for hemp growers or processors to sell their crops.

Is CBD from hemp legal in Delaware?

CBD from hemp is unregulated in Delaware. The state is waiting on federal guidance regarding the safe use of CBD before legalizing it.

Where can you buy hemp flower in Delaware?

You can buy hemp flower online if you live in Delaware. The state is working on changing the current situation, but until the USDA approves the state hemp plan, Delaware won’t make efforts to legalize hemp cultivation despite federal law.

Is CBD oil legal in Delaware?

As of this writing, only CBD oil from marijuana is legal in Delaware. Patients with a diagnosed debilitating condition that hold an MMJ card can obtain CBD from marijuana. Hemp CBD oil is unregulated in Delaware. 

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