Best Hemp Flower For Migraines

Best Hemp Flower For Migraines

In a time where individuals are increasingly concerned over the side effects of traditional migraine medication, patients are increasingly turning to hemp flower for headaches and migraines.

In this article, we will explain the ways in which hemp flower interacts with our bodies, while also examining the ways in which research supports the viability of hemp flower for headaches.

But first, let’s go over some of our favorite strains of hemp flower for headaches, and how their unique terpene profiles can differently impact pain and inflammation.

Our Top 7 Hemp Flower Strains for Headaches and Migraines


Lifter from Mr. Hemp Flower

Not only is Lifter viable for those with chronic migraines who seek relief while enjoying their afternoon.

Thanks to its slight sativa-dominance and low THC levels, Lifter won’t make you drowsy, but reduce the pain and discomfort that’s keeping you away from your daily activities. That being said, it also won’t give you that headrush or sense of jitters found in some strains, either. Instead, you will feel totally balanced out, mellow and alert, true to its name.

In fact, long-time buyers of Lifter often describe the effect as “elevating” or “meditative,” while providing a sense of focus. But meanwhile, your body will stay relaxed, along with the help of alpha-pinene, which, while it will not make you drowsy, it can promote the efficiency of sleep when in non-REM mode, which may improve wakefulness with long-term use. The potential for these properties may be especially useful for those who experience migraines or headaches from caffeine, but want a little bit of stimulation in the morning.

Lifter also contains linalool, which is the terpene found commonly in lavender. Linalool is a notorious anti-stress terpene, which can create a sense of relaxation in the muscles.

This strain also contains limonene, which is an uplifting terpene often found in citruses like lemon. 

Limonene is also known for elevating mood and relieving stress, while additionally holing antifungal and antibacterial properties. This Oregon-grown strain is reminiscent of astringent berries and tropical fruit. Featuring dense, resinous buds, this strain is especially distinct for its neat structure and shape.

Total CBD: 21.25%

D9-THC: less than .03%

beta-Myrcene: .15%

alpha-Pinene: .04%

Linalool: .04%

Limonene: .03%

Remedy from Dr. Ganja 

This soothing indica is ideal for the evening when you’re ready to unwind, and is praised by fans who use it for chronic pain and soreness; namely, those who wish to alleviate such symptoms  in order to get some shuteye. It may be, then, that this strain could prove useful to those who wish to ease some of their migraine pain in order to sleep.

Remedy also contains beta caryophyllene, which has also been shown to reduce pain in its own unique way: by suppressing the function of neuropathic pain, which makes it perfect for those who face chronic pain caused by physical activity.

One of the top terpenes in this strain, meanwhile, is beta myrcene, which is known for alleviating pain and improving sleep. One study showed that myrcene worked as an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory aid against a number of inflammatory ailments.

Meanwhile, Remedy is also high in humulene, which, again, works as an effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic aid.

Although this strain is still considered new, it’s already gaining a reputation as an aid for inflammation, anxiety and muscle relaxation; not to mention that it’s extremely low in THC. Because of this, Remedy is especially ideal for those who find themselves to be particularly sensitive to THC’s psychoactive effects.

This strain features a summery, lime-green shade, with peach-colored pistils. The aroma is often described as reminiscent of alfalfa, hay and sweet grass, with a clean, slightly herbal taste.

Total CBD: 16.56% 

D9-THC: .22%

Beta-Myrcene 1.05%

Beta-Caryophyllene .80%

Alpha-Humulene .184%

Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie from Black Tie CBD

Derived from the cross breeding of Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies, while crossed with industrial hemp. The  Blue Dream gives it not only a tasty blueberry flavor, but also a cerebral, trance-like feeling which still allows you to focus.

 Meanwhile, the Kush-heavy effects from Girl Scout Cookies helps to silence physical discomfort while creating a grounded feel in this indica-dominant hybrid, so those with chronic migraines may benefit from this particular strain.

This strain carries an interesting terpene profile, with one of its most abundant terpenes being nerolidol. 

The most concentrated terpene in this strain is beta-caryophyllene, which exhibits anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. It is the ONLY terpene known to bind directly and selectively to the endocannabinoid receptor CB2.

Blueberry Pie is also high in nerolidol, which is especially useful for fighting inflammation and bacteria, while often giving off a woodsy, floral scent. 

In this study, nerolidol was found to protect the nervous system from nociceptive pain, which is one of the most prevalent forms of pain transmission in the body. In another study, meanwhile, nerolidol was shown to work effectively against bacterial infections alongside three of its peer terpenes farnesol, apritone, and bisabolol, which is also quite concentrated in this strain.

The strain Blueberry Pie creates nugs that are slightly sandy and tan in hue and medium in size. The leaves are deep green, with lovely shades of violet and indigo throughout it.

Total CBD: 18.46%

D9-THC: .23%

Beta-Caryophyllene: .36%

Beta-Nerolidol: .23%

Myrcene: .15%

Alpha-Bisabolol: .19%


Mr. Rainbow from Secret Nature CBD

Thanks to its balance of flavor and terpene powerhouse quality, Mr. Rainbow has gained clout as a strain of hemp flower for migraines and other forms of chronic pain without inflicting the consumer with a sense of drowsiness.

This strain comes from the strains Cookies and Haze, and was cultivated in an indoor environment that’s easily conditioned. Because of this, conditions are carefully monitored for a high-quality strain.

This strain is especially high in beta myrcene, which can help with inflammation while reducing nociceptive pain, as this study observes. 

According to one study from the Center for Neurological Restoration, test subjects who were receiving terpenes found in both marajuana and hemp, individuals’ migraines and headaches had the best reaction to beta caryophyllene and beta myrcene, which possibly hold anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects.

Mr. Rainbow is also high in beta-pinene, which can help to relieve anxiety and inflammation, and the high CBD can work well against the inflammation that causes nerve pain.

Additionally, this strain contains high amounts of beta-caryophyllene, which works like a champion against inflammatory pain and discomfort. One study even showed that not only does beta-caryophyllene inhibit inflammation, but it also has an anti-arthritic function, as shown in this study

The leaves from the bud are an earthy, summery shade of green–although the leaves can vary to pink and purple–with peach-colored hairs that flow in a tendril-like pattern, with an even coating of trichomes.

If you need a strain of hemp flower that can be used for when your migraine hits any time of the day, this hybrid from Secret Nature CBD’s personal stash may be of assistance. 

Total CBD: 22.3%

D9-THC: .06%

Myrcene: .97%

Alpha-Pinene: .096%

Beta-Caryophyllene: .054%

Beta-Pinene: .037%

Ceiba Hemp Flower

Ceiba from Mr. Hemp Flower

This classic from Mr. Hemp Flower has been praised as an MVP for various forms of chronic pain, including headaches and migraines. As a sativa-dominant phenotype, this strain is not in the least bit snooze-inducing. Instead, it’s most popular among those who want quick pain relief and just a bit of a jolt into getting work done.

One of the key features of this strain is even spread of terpenes, which help to not only treat foot pain without causing drowsiness, but also by soothing muscles and reducing inflammation and swelling.

One of the most prevalent terpenes in this strain is myrcene, which has shown evidence of sedative properties. Myrcene has also been demonstrated to display potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anxiolytic properties. It is also capable of blocking the detection of stimuli which would indicate pain by blocking sensory neurons (antinociception) in mice.

Ceiba also contains a fair amount of linalool, which is known for promoting relaxation and prevent the feeling of fatigue, and, according to this study, can even help with brain inflammation.

Ceiba features large, organically grown, buds that are sticky and dense. When cracked open, they produce an aroma of astringent berries and cherry wine.

This strain is often sought after for arthritic pain, and with its amount of terpenes that are known for relieving pain, it is most popular against nausea, chronic joint pain, and chronic fatigue.

CBD: 14%

D9-THC: less than .03%

Alpha-Pinene: .03%

Myrcene: .05%

Limonene: .04%

Linalool: .02%


Tangie from CBD Hemp Direct

Like a just-ripe tangerine, this sativa-dominant strain is tangy, tart and sunny.

CBD Hemp Direct formed this strain with Tangerine Dream, which is also a flower known for its uplifting effects, though tangie may be a little more potent when it comes to combating muscle and joint pain.

This is another strain that’s high in beta caryophyllene, which possesses anti-inflammatory properties, as this study observes that beta-caryophyllene interacts with the CB2 receptors in a way that exerts an analgesic effect against inflammation and neuropathic pain.

Beta-caryophyllene works as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and was shown in this study to reduce symptoms of inflammation and swelling in patients with arthritis.

Tangie also contains alpha-bisabolol, which is also known for combating inflammation, and it does so by reducing the production of cytokines, which are proteins known to trigger an inflammatory response, as shown in this study.

Tangie is a consistent, earthy green and can vary in shape. True to its name, it holds aromas of tangerine, citrus and sour notes, contributing to its effects of uplifting and revitalizing the user, while totally relaxing the muscles and providing pain relief.

If you’ve had Mr. Hemp Flower’s Lifter before, CBD Hemp Direct’s special strain will be familiar. All the same, though, its citrusy, tangy flavor and uplifting aroma is a treat even for the newcomer, and the revitalizing effects it’s known for may make it ideal for those who seek migraine relief through hemp flower.

CBD: 18%

D9-THC: less than .01%

.24% beta-caryophyllene

.16% myrcene

.15 alpha-bisabolol

.09% guaiol

Frosted Lime From Tweedle Farms

Frosted Lime from Tweedle Farms

Tweedle Farms is a vendor based in Northwest Oregon, and is known for their terpene-rich, high CBD strains of hemp flower, and one of those strains includes Frosted Lime.

Frosted Lime is a vibrant little strain that comes from Magu Maiden Farms is popular for chronic pain, not only chronic migraines, but for nerve pain and joint pain, as well.

Frosted Lime contains ocimene, which has been shown in studies such as this trial to suppress the immune response causing inflammation. Ocimene is also responsible for the sweet, citrusy, earthy aroma found in this strain, which contributes to its uplifting effects.

Frosted Lime also contains a  citrusy terpene known as limonene, which can ease stress and uplift one’s mood. Meanwhile, this strain is also high in beta caryophyllene, which is a powerful inflammation killer known for acting the most like CBD by binding to the CB1 and CB2 receptors.This means that beta caryophyllene in this strain can help strengthen the effects of CBD when it comes to tension relief.

These nugs share a slight variation in size with each other but the shape is surprisingly uniform, and features leaves in the most vibrant shade of lime green, adorned with gold and peach-colored trichomes.

When the buds are left unbroken, they exude a fresh, skunky aroma with a bit of citrus. But when they are broken up, they reveal stronger notes of citrus rind with tropical fruit and sweet gas.

CBD: 12%


Ocimene: .3%

Beta-Caryophyllene: .3%

Myrcene: .22%

Limonene: .16%

Hemp Flower for Migraines and Headaches

Cannabis is a substance that has been traditionally used to treat headaches before it became illegal. And while this may have a bit to do with the beneficial terpenes that are found in both cannabis and hemp, experts have shown a growing interest in how individuals are affected when they receive high concentrations of CBD.

For instance, there is evidence that CBD oil can reduce inflammation and pain in arthritis, and it may work similarly with migraines.

In a 2017 studies review, Experts found success in treating migraines with medical marajuana, though results were not quite yet pinpointed to the phytocannabinoid CBD.

However, authors of a 2009 study found data suggesting that cannabis (both hemp and marajuana) compounds may treat chronic and acute pain in people who have been taking opioids for long periods and want to reduce use. Further, this may even extend to the assistance of quitting tobacco.


While the research linking hemp flower to the alleviation of migraines is still in the making, the growing evidence of hemp flower’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits shows promise regarding its potential.

As always, make sure that your hemp flower is high quality and comes from reputable brands that offer a certificate of analysis for all of their products. You can view some of our top-rated brands here.

Finally, remember that hemp flower and CBD are not approved by the FDA as an official treatment for chronic migraines, so those with severe cases should be advised to discuss with a specialist if they’re considering hemp flower as a remedy.


When it comes to hemp flower for headaches, does sativa or indica work best?

A strain’s phenotype plays a big role in how it affects your migraines, but the correct one for you depends on the nature of your condition. That being said, sativa may be more suited for those who experience migraines caused by depression, whereas indicas may be better for those who experience migraines caused by anxiety.

Can vaping CBD of hemp flower cause migraines?

One may experience a slight dehydrating effect caused by the propylene glycol often found in vape cartridges, which may cause headaches in some individuals. If you find that vaping hemp flower gives you headaches, there are other options to consider, such as edibles or smokeables.

Can hemp flower help with my migraines?

Research tying migraine management directly to the use of CBD hemp flower is still pretty vague, though there’s a growing amount of evidence suggesting that it may help with pain and inflammation.

How long do the effects of hemp flower last?

It’s been widely found that the effects of hemp flower can last between 2-4 hours, though some experts believe that it can take several days for the cannabinoids to fully leave your body.

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