Best Delta 8 THC Oil Products For Sleep

Best Delta 8 THC For Sleep

Deprivation of long-term sleep causes adverse effects on the body. Your immunity, memory, concentration, and blood pressure can be impaired. Since it is not a widely recommended insomnia treatment, you may not be familiar with hemp-derived delta-8 for sleep

How Does Work Delta-8 for Sleep?

By affecting the endocannabinoid pathway, delta-8 THC assists with sleep (ECS). The ECS is the cell signaling system of the body which controls important functions, including:

  • Sleep and management of stages of sleep-wake
  • Learning and recall
  • Inflammation 
  • Metabolism
  • Chronic distress
  • Mood
  • Digestion and Appetite
  • Reproductive system functioning

Best Delta 8 THC Products For Sleep

mongo d8 for sleep

Mongo Delta 8 Flower From Mr. Hemp Flower

If you are looking for a great way to get to sleep and not feel groggy and baked in the morning, delta 8 flower might be the right choice for you. This strain from Mr. Hemp Flower is not only high in CBD, but it has .12% beta-myrcene content. Beta-myrcene is the terpene responsible for putting people to into “couch-lock”.

So if you can smoke, this is a great choice. Can't or don't want to smoke stuff? Read on for our #2 option.

3chi gummies

Delta 8 Gummies From 3Chi

If you are not a smoker but still want a great delta 8 product to help you sleep, this is a must try. With over 800 reviews on this one product page, and coming from one of the first brands to roll out delta 8, its a must try.

We will warn you that for some reason d8 seems to take a little longer to kick in, especially with using edibles. Do be patient, relax and enjoy your sleep!

How Does Work Delta-8 for Sleep?

By affecting the endocannabinoid pathway, delta-8 THC assists with sleep (ECS). The ECS is the cell signaling system of the body which controls important functions, including:

  • Sleep and management of stages of sleep-wake
  • Learning and recall
  • Inflammation 
  • Metabolism
  • Chronic distress
  • Mood
  • Digestion and Appetite
  • Reproductive system functioning

How does Delta-8 THC work to promote sleep in the endocannabinoid system?

The system of endocannabinoids lets the body maintain a state of equilibrium called homeostasis. And sleep is the embodiment of homeostasis, necessary for longevity and wellbeing.

Analysis indicates that the endocannabinoid system performs a significant role in sleep management and that can affect dreaming. The ECS consists of three sections, namely enzymes, cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), endocannabinoids (body-produced cannabinoid-like components), and endocannabinoids (body-produced cannabinoid-like components).

One of the key ECS cannabinoid receptors found in the central and peripheral nervous system is the CB1 receptor. This receptor helps monitor stress, sleep, metabolism of energy, anxiety, and appetite.

Experimental evidence shows that CB1 receptor activation contributes to sleep induction. Delta-8 THC, which is likely to activate its sedative effects, attaches to the CB1 receptor.

What Findings Suggest… 

The precise effects of delta-8 THC on sleep have yet to be investigated by researchers. Only animal experiments have investigated the influence of delta-8 THC on sleep and/or brain function.

The effects of delta-8 THC on sleep in cats were investigated in a 1973 report, demonstrating promising findings. The study showed that intravenous delta-8 THC caused sedation in cats, allowing paradoxical sleep or REM episodes to grow less and longer.

This suggests that delta-8 triggered longer episodes of REM (rapid eye movement), which are vital to the sleep cycle since they activate areas of the brain that are important for learning and memory.

The researchers suggest that delta-8 may have sedative-hypnotic effects that are clinically beneficial. The study also showed that delta-8 THC did not trigger unethical conduct because the “psychotomimetic effects” (paranoia) usually induced by delta-9 THCC are absent.

Pain, Insomnia, and Delta-8

Anecdotal data suggests that delta-8 THC tends to make it easier for consumers to fall asleep. Not just that, but users also record feeling refreshed when remaining asleep longer and waking up.

Through its analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties, delta-8 reflects its effects on sleep. Because of the relationship between sleep and pain or fear, this is an important feature of delta-8.

The relation between sleep and pain is important; the absence of sleep increases the sensation of pain.

Chronic pain also leads to loss of sleep, which is the most common complaint of sufferers of acute and chronic pain.

Studies reveal that during all REM and non-REM sleep episodes, pain and feelings are significantly decreased. In other words, the secret to relieving pain is having a full night's rest. That being said, it is extremely difficult to interrupt the pain/lack of sleep loop.

How is delta-8 able to help? The analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of Delta-8 can lead to sound, restful sleep in combination with its sedative effects. Studies suggest that because it is conveniently situated in the areas of the nervous system that regulate pain signalling, the CB1 receptor plays a crucial role in pain management.

One animal study reported that delta-8 THC in mice suffering from pain caused by corneal damage demonstrated pain reduction and anti-inflammatory activity.

Lack of sleep leaves one drowsy and annoyed, raises the heart rate, and signs of anxiety escalates.

Anxiety, on the other hand, leaves the body and mind alert and unable to rest, which has an effect on sleep. In people with anxiety, Delta-8's anti-anxiety and sedative effects can also help with sleep.

The typical anxiety feelings associated with THC are not generated by Delta-8 THC and will relax panic attacks and worries instead.

How can you use Delta-8 for improving sleep?

Using delta-8 THC before bed helps you to experience this cannabinoid at the best moment because of its sedative and slightly psychotropic impact. You will cool down and relax with some delta-8 after a busy day. One of the key distinctions between sleep delta-9 and sleep delta-8 is that the next morning, delta-8 will not make you feel high.

There are various types of Delta-8, and the most famous are:

  • Tinctures and oils
  • Concentrates from Vaping
  • The Edibles (such as gel capsules)
  • Flower of CBD-rich hemp sprayed with delta-8 THC oil
  • Pre-rolls Delta-8 

Individuals tend to vaporize or burn delta-8 THC over other ways of ingestion. Right before going to sleep, this may be especially helpful since inhalation works quicker than other approaches.

Vaping delivers delta-8 THC more efficiently into the bloodstream than if you were chewing edibles or taking delta-8 oil. But, before deciding what's right for you, feel free to play with multiple alternatives.

It will take a while to see which dosage fits for you if delta-8 THC is a new addition to your sleeping routine. Starting with delta-8, it's natural to spend some time on trial and error.

That being said, remember to begin with the lowest possible dosage and steadily rise as tolerance is built up.

Disclaimer: Please contact your practitioner before using cannabis cannabinoids for sleep. If you are taking sleep medicine, this is highly important. Keep in mind that certain medical products interfere with cannabinoids from cannabis.

Your doctor will be able to help you dose accurately and make changes depending on the prescription you've been taking.

Delta-8 THC Side Effect and Safety Issues

Many human experiments have so far demonstrated that delta-8 THC has a generally healthy profile. Promising findings without major side effects were seen in a report on the effects of delta-8 THC on children undergoing chemo. The researchers concluded that the side effects were negligible, with the youngest children noticing only mild irritability.

That being said since much of what we know comes from animal experiments, we need further research on delta-8's impact on adults. One experimental evidence in 2018 showed that delta-8 boosted human heart rate and had the opposite effect on animals where it reduced heart rate.

In another animal study, delta-8 and delta-9 THC have been shown to induce a rise in blood pressure, accompanied by a rapid decrease in blood pressure and a sluggish heart rate.

Anecdotal data suggests that this cannabinoid does not cause significant side effects in adults who use delta-8 THC at low to moderate doses. Remember to check the laboratories of the goods and do a little background check on the business you are buying from before using delta-8 THC for sleep.

Where to Purchase Delta-8 THC for Sleep?

1.) Check out the line of products from Mr. Hemp Flower

2.) Check out the line of products from 3Chi

FAQ- Best Delta 8 for Sleep

What is the difference between delta 9 and delta 8?

Delta-8 causes a mild “high.” without the fear and paranoia induced by delta-9 THC.

Is Delta 8 beneficial for help falling asleep?

Anecdotal data suggests that delta 8 helps people fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

Does Delta 8 cause drowsiness in the morning?

For most people, delta 8 THC does not cause drowsiness in the morning.

Best Delta 8 Gummies

Best Delta 8 Tinctures

Best Delta 8 Vape Cartridges 

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