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hemp flower for athletes

Regardless of the sport they participate in, true athletes regularly push their mental and physical limits.

And while a lifestyle of hard work and discipline is an absolutely rewarding path to take, athleticism is nonetheless tough on the body.

Of course, exertion and soreness is certainly something that athletes learn to work through, but sometimes, bodies just need extra help recovering. 

That being said, hemp flower can work as an excellent means for athletes to attain pain relief and a quicker recovery, thanks to the abundance of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids (notably CBD and THC) that it contains.

In this article, we’re going to examine the ways in which these components work together in hemp flower to improve your performance.

What is Hemp Flower?

Hemp is a slender, yet sturdy plant that’s closely related to cannabis. When mature hemp plants flower, their blooms appear strikingly similar to cannabis trichomes.

However, smoking or ingesting hemp flower will not get you high because they don’t contain enough of the psychoactive component THC. 

Other than that, though, hemp flower still contains all of the therapeutic terpenes and cannabinoids, so that you still experience all of the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of marajuana without the memory-impairing, grogginess-inducing effects.

How CBD Helps Athletes

Amongst other cannabinoids, CBD affects our bodies through a series of receptors known as the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. This system plays a big role in regulating mood, stress, pain and appetite, and so when CBD attaches to these receptors, it helps the ECS manage these problems better.

The biggest way hemp flower can help athletes lies in its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory benefits. In fact, chronic pain is one of the most common reasons why individuals seek out CBD products.

Inflammation is a common ailment that accompanies a lot of disorders, but with strenuous activity, it may be all-too common amongst some individuals. Plus, it can lead to oxidative stress, which is especially damaging to muscle tissue over time.

Luckily, CBD has been observed to relieve oxidative stress. This is especially helpful for athletes, not only because of the way it protects muscle, joint and bone tissue from potential damage, but also because it can help athletes recover more quickly so that they don’t have to miss out on too much training.

Plus, CBD may provide you with a better night’s sleep. There has been research indicating that CBD can help with sleep deprivation caused by anxiety, pain, and even some behavioral disorders.

Hemp Flower for Athletes

If you are thinking about purchasing hemp flower to treat your inflammation, here are some factors to consider: 

CBD/THC Balance

While .3% THC is not enough to get you high, it still plays a significant role in the entourage effect, plus, the variety of CBD to THC ratios dictate how your strain will affect you.

For example, CBD might be more effective against seizures, inflammation, depression and psychosis, whereas THC may play a more important role against muscle plasticity, glaucoma and insomnia.

Terpene Profile

While terpenes come in a wide variety, some work better for athletic recovery and performance. These terpenes are especially useful for athletes:

  • Beta-Myrcene

This terpene is especially anti-inflammatory and has a muscle-relaxing effect. Moreover, and is somewhat sedating, which is why it’s often a major terpene in sleep-inducing strains like Kush-E.

Aroma: mango, fruity, earthy, grape

Found in: hops, mango, lemongrass, thyme

  • Alpha-Pinene

Alpha-pinene is not only anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, but can also help with circulation by expanding the bronchial tubes.

Aroma: pine

Found in: rosemary, basil, dill

  • Limonene

As a potent antioxidant, limonene can help improve mood, alleviate stress, and reduce inflammation. Limonene can also stimulate your immune system, better protecting yourself from getting sick, so that you don’t have to worry about something like a cold keeping you away from your training.

Aroma: citrus

Found in: fruit rinds, peppermint, rosemary

  • Linalool

Known especially for its prominence in soothing lavender, linalool is popular for anxiety and pain, and helps reduce inflammation and improve your rest quality for a smooth recovery.

Aroma: floral, sweet

Found in: lavender

NamePic Profile
LifterSpecial Sauce Hemp Flower For Joint Pain

  • CBD-16.58{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
  • alpha-pinene- .05{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
  • beta-Myrcene- .2{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
  • Limonene- .03{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
  • Linalool- .02{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
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    Kimber KushKimber Kush Hemp Flower For Athletes

    • CBD-17{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
    • alpha-Pinene .175{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
    • beta-Myrcene .94{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
    • Limonene .169{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
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      Purple PantiesPurple Panties hemp flower

      • CBD-16{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
      • alpha-pinene- .043{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}

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        Our Favorite Strains for Athletes

        • Kimber Kush from Dr. Ganga 

        This strain is high in limonene and has a considerable CBD content, making it especially relaxing, so it’s recommended to use this hemp flower as a sleep aid.

        • Purple Panties from Industrial Hemp Farms

        This indoor-grown strain delivers a piney, fruity aroma that unmistakably reveals those anti-inflammatory terpenes a high amount of cannabinoids.

        • Lifter from Mr. Hemp Flower

        This strain is great for relaxation and alleviating inflammation, making it perfect as a post-workout aid. This strain is dominant in all the recommended terpenes, too: alpha-pinene, myrcene, limonene and linalool. 

        As an athlete, it’s important to push yourself, but it’s also imperative that you take care of your body so that it can perform better in the long run.

        Hemp flower can be used as part of your recovery because of its anti-inflammatory and sleep-promoting benefits.

        When looking for the right hemp flower strain for your athletic performance, make sure to purchase hemp flower that comes with a certificate of analysis, and to keep an eye out for terpenes like limonene, linalool, alpha-pinene, and myrcene.


        Is hemp flower legal for athletes?

        Hemp is not considered a controlled substance or performance-inducing drug, so it is legal in all 50 states.

        Can hemp flower help my injury heal faster?

        While more research is needed, hemp flower may be able to help injuries heal faster because of its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.

        What’s the best way for athletes to take hemp flower?

        The best way to administer hemp flower depends on your own preference, but if you’re looking for something convenient and quick, we recommend either CBD flowers to roll into joints, or pre-rolled hemp flower joints, which are easy to use, smooth, and come in our most popular strains.

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