Which Hemp Flower Strain Is Best For Joint Pain?

hemp flower for joint pain

If you’ve experienced joint pain, you’re all-too familiar with the experience that comes with it: burning sensations in your wrists, knees and elbows, swelling, and perhaps even impaired movement.

However, CBD has gradually become a popular alternative for pain relief, and there’s a way to get the benefits that you may not have heard of: CBD lovers are beginning to enjoy the benefits of hemp flower for joint pain relief.

What is Joint Pain?

Joint pain refers to the pain, discomfort, and inflammation that occurs in the joints in the body, which are made up of cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Joint pain is a common condition among Americans, and there are dozens of conditions which underlie it, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, injuries and tendinitis. 

Common Joint Pain Treatments

It’s often recommended for those with joint pain to stretch as a preventative measure, and to alleviate flare-ups by taking a hot bath or massaging the affected area.

Additionally, it’s commonplace to take over-the-counter medications for moderate to severe joint pain, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). 

But since they can cause serious long-term side effects like liver damage and kidney failure, it’s not suitable for those with chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Luckily, those who need a reliable source of long-term pain relief may find it in the CBD world: specifically, in hemp flower.

What is Hemp Flower?

Hemp is an incredibly useful plant that’s closely related to cannabis. When female hemp plants are mature, they create a “flower” that might remind one of the trichomes found on cannabis plants.

Unlike its relative, though, hemp will not make the user high because their plant matter tends to be low in the psychoactive compound, THC–no more than .3%.

Instead, hemp flower holds high concentrations of other cannabinoids, like the widely popular  CBD, as well as a variety of terpenes. Terpenes are believed to protect plants from foraging animals, and give herbs such as oregano, hops and lavender their distinct aromas.

NamePic Profile
Special SauceSpecial Sauce Hemp Flower For Joint Pain

  • CBD-16.58{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
  • alpha-pinene- .05{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
  • beta-Myrcene- .2{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
  • Limonene- .03{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
  • Linalool- .02{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
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    Indica KushIndica Kush Hemp Flower For Joint Pain

    • CBD-9{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
    • alpha-pinene- .03{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
    • myrcene-.06
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      Remedy Remedy Hemp Flower for joint pain

      • CBD-17.85{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
      • alpha-pinene- .043{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
      • myrcene-1.05{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
      • Linalool .046{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}
      • Limonene .121{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}

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        How Hemp Flower Reduces Joint Pain

        Cannabinoids like CBD can alter and manage pain, stress, appetite and sleep by interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors. Because of this unique interaction, CBD may be a viable source of pain relief

        Terpenes, in turn, provide their own therapeutic characteristics, and can determine a lot of a given hemp flower strain’s profile. For instance, some terpene profiles enable a strain to make you feel more relaxed and perhaps even drowsy like Suver Haze, while others can energize uplift your mood, like Sour Space Candy.

        Using Hemp Flower for Joint Pain Relief

        If you’re considering buying bulk hemp flower, here are some things to keep in mind:

        CBD and THC Levels

        CBD products may contain small amounts of THC (no more than .3%), but the levels of CBD and THC are still worth considering when looking at a strain’s profile.

        Both CBD and THC interact with many of the same receptors in our bodies, but their own reactions are quite unique: CBD may have a better effect on seizures, inflammation and psychosis, but THC might work better for muscle plasticity, glaucoma and insomnia.

        While hemp flower won’t contain enough THC to get you high, a balance of each can be especially beneficial for pain and inflammation.

        Terpene Profile in Hemp Flower Strains for Joint Pain

        When considering the hemp flower product for your joint pain, selecting a strain with a compatible terpene profile is highly recommended.

        Because of their influence on the aroma, flavor, and sensory response, terpenes are incredibly important when determining your experience with hemp flower.

        Here are some terpenes you’ll want to see listed first in a strain for joint pain:

        • Alpha Bisabolol



        -may speed injury recovery

        • Alpha-Pinene


        -stimulates immune system

        -may assist respiratory flow

        -piney aroma

        • Beta-Caryophyllene


        -helps dull nerve pain


        -spicy aroma found in cloves and pepper

        • Beta-Myrcene

        -relaxes muscles 

        -herbal, balsamic aroma

        • Limonene

        -immunity booster



        -citrusy aroma

        • Linalool



        -delicate floral aroma

        • Indica Kush from Industrial Hemp Farms

        This seedless strain is high in cannabinoids, which promotes a sense of relaxation without making you feel too drowsy. Its dank, decadent aroma is a surefire sign of its vibrant terpene profile.

        True to its name, this strain will provide a highly therapeutic effect. It’s high in humulene, which acts as a multi-purpose terpene against inflammation, anxiety and bacteria, while the caryophyllene helps dull the sensitivity of pain receptors and myrcene works to relax the muscles. 

        This is overall a great strain for joint pain, muscle inflammation and stress.

        • Special Sauce from Mr. Hemp Flower

        Mr. Hemp Flower’s Special Sauce has previously only been used for breeding, but now her benefits against inflammation and stress are available for all. Alpha-pinene stands out in this blend, which both reduces inflammation and may promote circulation, along with limonene and linalool. The piney scent in alpha pinene complements linalool floral notes, providing an exotic berry aroma.

        This is a great strain for pain, inflammation, and anxiety, and has a delicious flavor and smell.

        Whether it manifests as a symptom of chronic inflammation like arthritis, or as an effect from a temporary injury, joint pain is a common problem that warrants a simple, straightforward remedy.

        Thanks to its wealth of CBD and terpenes, along with other cannabinoids and flavonoids, hemp flower may be the pain relief you’re looking for.


        How long does the effects of hemp flower last?

        It’s been widely found that the effects of hemp flower can last between 2-4 hours, though some experts believe that it can take several days for the cannabinoids to fully leave your body.

        How long does it take for hemp flower to work in relieving joint pain?

        This depends a lot on how the hemp flower is administered: edibles like cakes and brownies may take around an hour for it to be digested before it hits your bloodstream. Meanwhile, smoking hemp flower should deliver effects within minutes

        What is the best form of hemp flower to use for joint pain?

        The best way to administer hemp flower for your joint pain depends on your own preference, but if you’re looking for something convenient and quick, we recommend our pre-rolled hemp flower joints, which are easy to use, smooth, and come in our most popular strains.

        Is using hemp flower for joint pain legal?

        Hemp is completely legal in all 50 states, given that the THC levels are below .3{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db}. Hemp flower is a legally attainable source of pain relief.

        Will hemp flower get me high?

        Hemp flower will not get you high, as it doesn’t contain enough of the psychoactive chemical component THC. Instead, it can provide anti-inflammatory, anxiety-reducing benefits thanks to its balance of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

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