The Benefits of Hemp Flower for Anxiety

Hemp Flower For Anxiety

Anxiety disorders exist in a broad range of different conditions, such as social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and body dysmorphia, and these disorders can become crippling and overwhelming, often robbing us of our sleep. Luckily, cannabis has a cousin that might be able to help: hemp is a plant rich in beneficial properties, and hemp flower might be a great way to alleviate anxiety and better manage stress.

When functioning properly, there is nothing inherently wrong with anxiety; it is our bodies’ natural response to stressful or dangerous situations, and it primes us to think more quickly and on our feet.

Anxiety becomes a problem when the cause is irrational or simply unknown, often spurred by a traumatic experience, long-term stress, or genetic factor. In cases such as these, the anxiety manifests into an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders come with a variety of symptoms, such as panic attacks and impaired sleep, but it can also lead the individual to unhealthy tendencies, such as avoiding things that cause stress, developing specific phobias, and adapting into compulsive and/or obsessive behavior.

Common Anxiety Treatments

For milder cases of anxiety, it’s often recommended to maintain an active lifestyle and practice healthy habits, though some cases may require psychotherapy and possibly anti-anxiety prescription drugs, which consist of an extremely wide variety.

However, these drugs often come with a variety of side effects and may not mix well with certain pre-existing medications, so patients often seek out something more gentle and natural.

What is Hemp Flower?

As mentioned before, hemp is closely related to cannabis, except this species doesn’t contain more than .3% THC, so it won’t be enough to get you high.

However, this plant seems to provide a variety of healing functions, especially in the flowering buds of mature female hemp plants; this is what we call hemp flower.

Best Hemp Flower Strains For Anxiety

Special Sauce Hemp Flower For Anxiety

This delicious strain is reminiscent of berries and exotic fruit, a testament to the way woodsy alpha-pinene blends…

Special Sauce /
Pine Berry Dr Ganga Hemp Flower for anxiety

This is the strain for those who have trouble sleeping due to anxiety. With a delicious lemon blueberry flavor…

Pineberry / Dr. Ganja
Cherry Daze Hemp Flower For Sleep

This strain is well-balanced in the CBD and THC, so that it efficiently reduces anxiety and calm the mind…

Cherry Daze / Industrial Hemp Farms

How Hemp Flower Can Combat Anxiety and Stress

Thanks to its versatility and few reports of side-effects, CBD has become a wildly popular means of alternative remedy for all sorts of ailments, from muscle pains to clearer skin. In this case, we’re talking about how it may treat anxiety with the help of terpenes.

CBD: Why is it so Popular?

When it comes to anxiety, it’s believed that CBD can effectively reduce several forms of stress, such as social anxiety disorder, PTSD, and obsessive compulsive disorder through the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a series of receptors and transmitters throughout the nervous system, and helps regulate pain, mood, stress and appetite. When terpenes are thrown into the mix, it appears that the benefits become enhanced.

The Therapeutic Effects of Terpenes

Terpenes lend a lot to the fragrant aroma of herbal plants; if you’ve ever tried aromatherapy with essential oils, you’ve experienced the terpenes that give them their scent profiles and healing properties.

For instance, linalool, which is also found in plants like lavender,  is a terpene we closely associate with fighting anxiety. 

One study showed that inhaling linalool reduced anxiety and depression-like behaviors by blocking the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate. In another study, it was found that linalool can protect the immune system from stress.

Terpenes and cannabinoids are already beneficial on their own, but when they work together, they create a type of synergistic interaction known as the entourage effect, which may improve the overall benefits of all these components together.

Using Hemp Flower for Anxiety Relief

If you’re considering buying bulk hemp flower, here are some things to keep in mind:

CBD and THC Levels

CBD products may contain sparse amounts of THC (no more than .3%, but the levels of CBD and THC are still worth considering when looking at a strain’s profile.

While hemp flower won’t contain any sufficient traces of THC to get you high, a balance of THC and CBD each can be especially beneficial for pain and inflammation.

The Terpene Profile in Hemp Flower Strains for Anxiety

Because of their influence on the aroma, flavor, and sensory response, terpenes are incredibly important when determining your experience with hemp flower. 

Here are some terpenes you’ll want to see listed first in a strain for anxiety:

  • Beta-Myrcene

-relaxes muscles 

-herbal, balsamic aroma

  • Linalool

-mild sedative

-fights depression


-floral aroma

  • Limonene





-citrus aroma

  • Caryophyllene



-may help with alcoholism rehabilitation

While severe anxiety may require ongoing psychotherapy and possibly medication, smoking or ingesting hemp flower can help take the edge off stress, anxiety and depression. This is thanks to the unique terpenes and cannabinoids which may provide a variety of therapeutic benefits.

Hemp flower is legal in all 50 states, and the variety for sale offers all sorts of strains with different CBD and THC levels, along with unique terpene profiles.

Hemp Flower For Anxiety FAQ

How long does it take for hemp flower to work for anxiety relief? Title

This depends on how you take your hemp flower: ingesting it in the form of edibles may take 1-2 hours for your body to digest it and deliver it to your bloodstream, whereas inhaling it can deliver almost instant benefits.

Does hemp flower really help with anxiety attacks?

There’s a great deal of anecdotal evidence that hemp flower can help with anxiety attacks, especially when smoked, since it delivers effects so quickly. Research on hemp flower is in its infancy, but provides compelling evidence that it’s effective against anxiety.

Will using hemp flower make you sleepy?

Strains containing high levels of alpha pinene and myrcene, like Special Sauce, may make the user a bit drowsy, because these terpenes provide fairly sedative effects. High CBD levels with these terpenes are especially sleep-inducing, like Baox, which, with nearly 19{61a9c4ebdbb811fd2382c102d8e69c6b7b78aa8e69b88e3f73a4ac056945b5db} CBD, is sure to knock you out and give you a good night’s sleep.

Does hemp flower make you more anxious?

There is insufficient evidence to suggest if hemp flower makes you anxious, and with the evidence that CBD and terpenes can alleviate anxiety, this is unlikely. THC, on the other hand, may cause anxiety because of its psychoactive properties, but THC levels are too in hemp flower to create this effect.

Where is the best place to buy hemp flower products?

You should always buy hemp flower products that are reputable, and offer certificates of analysis for all products, which show the terpene, CBD and THC levels.

Which hemp flower product is best to use for fighting anxiety?

The best hemp flower products for anxiety will contain anti-anxiety terpenes like myrcene, pinene, linalool, limonene and caryophyllene. CBD hemp flower is one thing you can use, but CBD terpene isolate creams are also a great way to treat anxiety symptoms quickly.

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