Legal Hemp Flower In Connecticut- Current Laws and Where To Buy

Connecticut Hemp Flower Laws

Connecticut has a friendly attitude towards hemp and hemp CBD products like hemp cigarettes. The Nutmeg State has approved hemp applications to eligible growers and manufacturers, allowing them to enter the lucrative market. 

What is the legal status of hemp flower in Connecticut? Can you legally buy smokable hemp products in this state? Let’s take a look at Connecticut hemp laws. 

Is Hemp Flower Legal in Connecticut?

Yes! Hemp flower and smokable hemp products are legal in Connecticut. 

Governor Lamont signed Senate Bill 893 on May 9, 2019, authorizing the Connecticut Department of Agriculture to implement an industrial hemp pilot program under the 2014 Farm Bill. 

That said, the state will begin regulating the commercial production of hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill after the USDA approves the state hemp plan. 

Under the law, “hemp products” means “products with a delta-a tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis derived from, or made by, the processing of hemp plants or hemp plant parts.” [1] 

According to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), individuals and business entities interested in making hemp products intended for “human ingestion, inhalation, absorption or other internal consumption” aka “consumable products,” need to get a license with the DCP. [2]

Furthermore, legally obtained hemp and CBD product may be sold at retail without a license. 

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Connecticut?

Hemp markets are still developing in Connecticut, so many people find the most quality hemp flower online. 

Best Hemp Flower on the Market

Here are the hemp strains from reliable companies we recommend and use:

FAQs on Hemp Flower Connecticut State Laws

How much hemp flower can you purchase at once (or one time) in Connecticut?

Connecticut doesn’t limit the quantity of hemp flower you are allowed to purchase at once. Some hemp flower shops or dispensaries may have their own limits. 

Do you need a special license to purchase hemp flower in Connecticut?

No. If you are a regular consumer that’s buying hemp flower for personal needs, you don't need a special license to buy hemp flower. If you want to purchase hemp flower to create hemp products, you need a manufacturer’s license. 

Is it legal to sell hemp flower in Connecticut?

Yes! It is legal to sell hemp flower and other hemp smokable products in Connecticut. 

Is CBD from hemp legal in Connecticut?

Yes! CBD from hemp is legal in Connecticut. The state allows the lawful use of hemp-derived CBD products. 

Where can you buy hemp flower in Connecticut?

The most convenient way to buy hemp flower is to order online. You can also find smokable products in local hemp flower shops and dispensaries.

Is CBD oil legal in Connecticut?

Yes! CBD oil derived from hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC is legal in Connecticut. 

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