Best Hemp Flower Strains For Foot Pain

Hemp Flower For Foot Pain

We all know that our feet do a lot of work for us on a daily basis: they carry us everywhere and support the weight of the entire human body. It goes without saying, then, that when you experience chronic or sharp foot pain, your day-to-day productivity can be massively hindered. Luckily, using hemp flower for foot pain might help.

According to Mayo Clinic, foot pain is generally caused by injury or overuse, and results in inflammation of the countless joints found throughout, resulting in intense pain, numbness, and tingling sensations.

While individuals with foot pain can seek relief through physical therapy, orthopedic shoes, and over the counter treatment, they may also find alleviation in hemp flower.

In this article, we will list some of our favorite kinds of hemp flower for foot pain; especially types that relieve pain and promote a sense of calm without inflicting drowsiness. At the end of our recommendations, you will receive a full rundown explaining how hemp flower can help with the inflammation and discomfort in your feet.

Suver Haze Hemp Flower For Foot Pain

Suver Haze from Berkshire CBD

Suver Haze has quickly become a classic in the hemp flower world, thanks to not only its pleasant, lemony flavor, but also for its way to relieve pain and tension while lifting one’s mood and promote relaxation.

This Vermont-grown crop yields buds with 20% CBD, which is quite high, and will certainly leave you feeling a little more calm and relaxed. Just as importantly, though, this strain is a terpene powerhouse.

One of the most present terpenes in this strain is alpha-pinene, which has been an integral component of medicine for centuries. Found especially in coniferous trees, the bark would traditionally be harvested and made into a resin.

Alpha-pinene has been shown to work especially well at both relieving inflammation and promoting circulation, as shown in this study. Due to these properties, using a hemp flower strain containing alpha-pinene can be extremely useful to those with foot inflammation and joint tension.

The strain Suver Haze also contains a considerable amount of limonene, which aside from alleviate pain, is known to lift mood while supplying a refreshing lemon or lemongrass taste.

Berkshire CBD’s Suver Haze strain produces large, dense buds thanks to a cultivation with healthy, organic soil and plenty of sunlight. The buds are a vibrant, consistent shade of green and are covered in trichomes. With its tastes of pine, cardamom and lemon balm, this is easily one of the best-tasting versions of Suver Haze. These buds are perfectly smokeable, and can be used for speedy pain relief, or to help unwind at the end of the day.

Total CBD: 20%

D9-THC: .03%

alpha-Pinene: .04%

beta-Myrcene: .01%

Limonene: .04%

Linalool: .03%

Ceiba from Mr. Hemp Flower

Commonly sought out for chronic pain, this strain is one of Mr. Hemp Flower’s classics thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory abilities and sativa dominance. This is a perfect strain for those who want quick pain relief and just a bit of a jolt into getting work done.

One of the key features of the strain Ceiba is the balance of its terpenes, which help to not only treat foot pain without causing drowsiness, but also by soothing muscles and reducing inflammation and swelling.

This strain contains a modest amount of the terpene myrcene, which works as a sedative, and in higher amounts, can knock the user right out. While the levels of myrcene in this strain are ineffective for putting one to sleep, it’s enough to relax the muscles and dull neuropathic pain.

The strain Ceiba also contains a fair amount of linalool, which is known for promoting relaxation and prevent the feeling of fatigue, and, according to this study, can even help with brain inflammation.

Additionally, Ceiba contains .04% limonene, which is considered a highly versatile terpene thanks to its antifungal, antibacterial, and antiproliferative effects. 

This Vermont-grown strain features organic, large buds that are sticky and dense. When cracked open, they produce an aroma of astringent berries and cherry wine.

This strain is often sought after hemp flower for arthritic foot pain, and with its amount of terpenes that are known for relieving pain, it is most popular against nausea, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue.

CBD: 14%

D9-THC: less than .03%

Alpha-Pinene: .03%

Myrcene: .05%

Limonene: .04%

Linalool: .02%

Purple Panties Hemp Flower for foot pain

Purple Panties from Industrial Hemp Farms

This CBD-rich strain is similar to the cannabis strain Panty Dropper: both are indica-dominant, which makes them preferable as a sleep-aid, and carry genetics from Oregon Grape, Matanuskan Mist and Purple Haze.

One terpene that is especially present in this strain is myrcene, which is primarily known as a sedative, but also works effectively against acute and chronic pain. In one study, it was shown that myrcene is an effective terpene against inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, along with caryophyllene and limonene.

While the indica-dominance may cause drowsiness, many users have claimed Purple Panties to grant them a feeling of elevation and focus. In some cases, it’s even said that the strain creates a pleasant, honed-in buzz that could be almost likened to cannabis. 

The buds produced are dense and springy, featuring leaves of emerald green and a brilliant deep purple. It’s also been mentioned in a few reviews that Purple Panties can be a bit dry, but the smooth, pleasant flavor makes it harder to notice.

One review describes this taste as “immaculate with fruity hints,” though many also place the dank, rich aroma that comes with it. 

Industrial Hemp Farms is also known for its discretion of packaging; each strain is mylar-packaged and heat sealed. Sure enough, users have stated that there was no hint of aroma when the package was sealed, and the buds were handled carefully, and were undamaged when they arrived. This product is shipped with a notice for law enforcement and labs providing the necessary paperwork. 

Total CBD: 16%

D9-THC: .08%

*terpene percentages not listed.

Mr Rainbow Hemp Flower

Mr. Rainbow from Secret Nature CBD- Hemp Flower For Foot Pain

Many individuals may wish for a strain of hemp flower for foot pain that’s neither indica or sativa dominant, but is simply balanced. That’s when a hybrid strain like Mr. Rainbow comes in.

This strain is derived from Cookies and Haze, and was cultivated in an indoor, controlled environment, so that its conditions are carefully monitored for a high-quality strain.

This hemp flower contains .97% myrcene, which can help with inflammation while reducing nociceptive pain, as this study observes. Additionally, this strain contains high amounts of beta-caryophyllene, which works like a champion against inflammatory pain and discomfort. 

One study even showed that not only does beta-caryophyllene inhibit inflammation, but it also has an anti-arthritic function, as shown in this study.

This strain is also high in the terpene beta-pinene, which can help to relieve anxiety and inflammation, as well as improve breathing by helping to open up the bronchial tubes. Not to mention that this strain is especially high in CBD, which can work well against the inflammation that causes foot pain.

Secret Nature CBD’s strain Mr. Rainbow creates large, unique buds that have an almost cloud-like quality to their shape and texture, though they’re dense to the touch. The leaves from the bud are an earthy, summery shade of green–although the leaves can vary to pink and purple–with peach-colored pistils that flow in a lovely, tendril-like pattern, with an even coating of trichomes.

When broken down, these nugs release notes of sweetness and citrus, making it highly reminiscent of Haze. Perfect for any time of day.

Total CBD: 22.3%

D9-THC: .06%

Myrcene: .97%

Alpha-Pinene: .096%

Beta-Caryophyllene: .054%

Beta-Pinene: .037%

Dragons Breath hemp flower

Dragon’s Breath from Medhemporium

We’re going to end this list with another strain known for its balance of indica and sativa: meet Dragon’s Breath, a cross hybrid known not only for relieving pain, but has also been touted by fans as a highly mood-lifting strain. 

It’s said in one review on their site: “This stain for me is very uplifting. I find myself laughing and just all around In a great mood. She worked great with my spasticity in my legs. The more I smoked the more sedative I felt. Great day time smoke and night cap for sleep.”

That being said, this strain also has a reputation for its versatility for any time of the day. As for terpene profile, this strain contains a high volume of highly therapeutic components, such as caryophyllene, which works as an analgesic while relieving anxiety, and alpha-humulene, which is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and can suppress appetite.

The strain Dragon’s Breath is a popular choice at Medhemporium, not only for its CBD levels and terpene profile, but also because of the popcorn option, which allows the buyer to select a variety of even, almost pearl-like nugs, which are especially easy to smoke for a quick hit of relief to your foot pain.

Dragon’s Breath may also be popular because of the striking appearance of its buds: the leaves come in shades of purple, red and orange, with trichomes that give an ethereal, pearly shimmer. When ground up, the nugs release a distinct, spicy aroma similar to Candyland, and when smoked, creates an instant relaxing effect.

Total CBD: 17.9%

D9-THC: ND (not detected)

Limonene: .102%

Beta-Myrcene: .685%

Trans-Caryophyllene: .21%

Alpha-Humulene: .12%

Hemp Flower For Foot Pain?

Hemp flower is the dense bud that’s grown from mature female hemp plants. While they don’t contain enough THC to make the user high, they’re plentiful in cannabinoids and terpenes, which are highly therapeutic against pain and inflammation.

Cannabinoids like CBD can alter and manage pain, stress, appetite and sleep by interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors. Because of this unique interaction, CBD may be a viable source of pain relief

Terpenes, in turn, provide their own therapeutic characteristics, and can determine a lot of a given hemp flower strain’s profile. For instance, the terpene profile in a hemp strain can determine how drowsy it makes you.

Meanwhile, terpenes interact with cannabinoids by creating a synergistic connection which makes the overall effects more beneficial. This connection is known as the entourage effect, and it can amplify the healing effects of hemp flower on foot pain.

This is both fascinating and important because it was shown in this 2008 trial that when terpenes and cannabinoids like CBD and (even in small amounts) THC work together, they create a type of synergy that appears to improve the overall effects of hemp flower on pain and inflammation. 

The following terpenes are especially therapeutic against foot pain and inflammation, though keep in mind that these are not the only benefits that these terpenes hold:

  • Alpha-Pinene

Alpha-pinene is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, and can even help respiratory flow, which can help ease the tension in muscles and joints in the long run by delivering more oxygen to the tissue. Because of this, alpha-pinene is excellent for those with foot pain dealt by overuse or injury.

Aroma: pine

Found in: rosemary, basil, dill

  • Beta-Myrcene

Beta-myrcene is a major part of most hemp flower strains, and is often the most abundant terpene present. Beta-myrcene chiefly works as a powerful sedative and muscle relaxer, and can encourage sleep when high amounts are present in a strain.

Aroma: mango, fruity, earthy, grape

Found in: hops, mango, lemongrass, thyme

  • Limonene

Limonene is known for its citrusy, summery smell, and is known for both improving mood and promoting relaxation, while strengthening the immune system.

Aroma: citrus

Found in: fruit rinds, peppermint, rosemary

  • Linalool

Linalool is a relaxing terpene most commonly used for anxiety and pain, as its soothing effects relax the muscles and joints, regulate breathing and reduce inflammation.

Aroma: floral, sweet

Found in: lavender


Thanks to its ability to lessen inflammation, promote tissue healing, and relax the muscles, hemp flower may indeed be an effective treatment against chronic and acute foot pain. 

So long as the hemp flower strains are of good quality and come from a reputable brand, you can’t go wrong with most strains. 

However, stick with sativa-dominant strains if you seek pain relief so you can get back to work, and go for indica-dominant strains if you want a soothing sleep aid to promote your healing process.


What’s the best way to use hemp flower for foot pain?

CBD hemp-infused pain cream can be a great way to target affected areas. However, the fastest way to receive the benefits of whole hemp flower is by inhaling it, so smoking or dry vaping are especially popular methods for consuming hemp flower.

How does hemp flower get rid of foot pain?

Hemp flower relieves foot pain through its terpenes and cannabinoids, which relieve inflammation by targeting specific pain receptors, dulling neuropathic pain, and raising serotonin levels.

Is hemp flower a legal treatment for foot pain?

While there is no FDA-approved hemp or CBD drugs for foot pain, all hemp products are completely legal in the United States. Hemp flower can be a viable way to treat foot inflammation and soreness, but as always, individuals with especially chronic or severe conditions should discuss treatment options with their physician beforehand.

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