Best Hemp Flower For Muscle Recovery

Hemp Flower For Muscle Recovery

Muscle soreness is something we all face from time to time; whether from pushing ourselves athletically, or from working hard in our daily lives. And sometimes, we’re admittedly just stressed, and our muscles end up stiffening and growing in tension. Luckily, using hemp flower for muscle recovery might help.

While many individuals have found success in relieving muscle tension by smoking cannabis, some folks do not like the way THC affects them. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis, and while it has been known to provide pain and tension relief, it can also make people feel groggy or loopy, and have a hard time focusing because of the endorphin rush it triggers, which causes the “high” it’s known for.

Luckily, hemp flower offers an alternative form of pain relief without the psychoactive effects, thanks to its abundance of both anti-inflammatory compounds, like CBD, and terpenes, which provide a range of therapeutic benefits.

In this article, we’re going to examine the ways in which these components work together in hemp flower to improve your performance.

But first, let’s discuss some of our favorite strains of hemp flower for muscle recovery.

Remedy Dr Ganja

Remedy from Dr. Ganga 

If you need a kind of hemp flower that can help your muscles relax a bit for evening leisure time, try some of this indica-dominant strain from Dr. Ganja.

Remedy is a strain known for its popularity as a pain relief treatment, especially when it comes to muscle tension. This is largely thanks to the sedative terpene, beta myrcene. One study showed that myrcene found in Persian rose oil worked as an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory aid against a number of inflammatory ailments.

Remedy also contains beta caryophyllene, which has been shown to reduce pain in its own unique way: by suppressing the function of neuropathic pain, which makes it perfect for those who experience muscle soreness from strenuous or stressful activity.

This relaxing strain is also high in alpha bisabolol, which is known for its strong presence in chamomile and sweet, floral smell it gives off. Moreover, alpha bisabolol has evidence from studies conducted by both South Korea and Brazil that alpha-bisabolol relieves muscle inflammation in mice.

While still considered a new strain, Remedy is quickly gaining traction as a go-to for muscle relaxation and recovery. Plus, it’s low in THC, making it ideal for those who find themselves sensitive to its effects.

This strain features a vibrant, lime-green shade reminiscent of springtime, with peach-colored tendrils and a delicate layer of trichomes. Before the buds are broken down, they exude notes of hay, alfalfa, and a slight herbal aroma. Once thrown into the grinder, it gives off notes of lemongrass, which further contributes to this hemp flower’s therapeutic properties.

Total CBD: 16.56% 

D9-THC: .22%

Beta-Myrcene 1.05%

Beta-Caryophyllene .80%

Alpha-Humulene .184%

Alpha-Bisabolol: .147%

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower For Muscle Recovery

Hawaiian Haze from Mr. Hemp Flower- Hemp Flower For Muscle Recovery

Starting in a 24% CBD, this is one of the highest-CBD strains of hemp flower on the market, making it great for even the most intense and stubborn muscle pain.

Before considering terpenes and cannabinoids, it’s worth knowing that this strain is sativa dominant, so it won’t give the user a drowsy effect. Rather, it can provide the individual with a very slight, pleasant buzz along with a heightened sense of focus.

CBD is always important to see in hemp flower due to its especially potent anti-inflammatory qualities. For instance, a 2015 review discusses its anti-inflammatory properties, among countless others.

Besides the cannabinoids at play, terpenes also play a large role in this soothing strain. One of the most abundant terpenes is beta caryophyllene, which is well known for its pain-relieving qualities.

For example, this study observes that beta-caryophyllene interacts with the CB2 receptors in a way that exerts an analgesic effect against inflammation and neuropathic pain.

These buds are particularly dense when unopened, but ground up, they unleash their aroma in a springy, light blend. Their products are shipped in medical grade, heat-sealed mylar packaging, so that there is no detectable order when it’s in transit.

Total CBD: 17%


 Beta-Caryophyllene: .21%

Beta-Myrcene: .17%

 Humulene: .09%

Bisabolol: .07% 

Blue Genius Hemp Flower

Blue Genius from Tweedle Farms

Blue Genius is superb for muscle stiffness and tension, and is an excellent option for those seeking aid for muscle recovery.

Blue Genius was cultivated by Tweedle Farms, and it’s been raised into a strong crop which provides hemp flower buds with a profile that’s both soothing and uplifting. Blue Genius is often used for treating severe anxiety and acute pain.

Besides the better known medicinal terpenes such as myrcene and beta caryophyllene, Blue Genius contains significant amounts of the terpene phytol.

 Phytol is produced from the decomposition of leaves, and is known to work as an especially powerful anti-inflammatory agent. More than that, though, phytol can help combat nociceptive pain, which is one of the most common and widespread forms of pain throughout the body 

This pain relief can work even further by easing tension as a result, which helps muscle tissue rest so your muscles can recover more quickly. Additionally, this strain contains a fair amount of alpha humulene, which works as an analgesic agent by inhibiting the inflammatory response in cytokines.

Blue Genius creates buds buds which exude a lovely shade of sage green, which is a typical shade for sativa dominant strains. These buds are dense, and reach small-to-medium sizes, making them perfect for an easy breakdown in the grinder. 

When this strain is broken down, it reveals an aroma of cloves, spices and tropical fruit, along with hints of creamy, earthy sweetness. This strain is also a hybrid, so it won’t make you feel jittery or drowsy. 

Total CBD: 11.48%

D9-THC: .057%

Beta-Myrcene: .32%

Beta-Caryophyllene: .153%

Phytol: .069%

Alpha-Humulene: .062%

Lifter Plus Hemp Flower

Lifter from Mr. Hemp Flower

Mr. Hemp Flower cultivated this strain with the desire to create a truly resinous flower. The endeavor took three generations, but now produces a bud composed of only the most  desirable compounds, while rejecting all of the unwanted phenotypes and chemotypes.

As a strain that can alleviate inflammation and promote relaxation without causing drowsiness, Lifter is great for those trying to recover their muscles from an intense workout.

While 14% CBD is certainly not the highest CBD level for Mr. Hemp Flower’s typical strains, it’s still high enough to provide pain relief.

Lifter is highly abundant with terpenes known to provide a sense of calm, like linalool, which is exceptionally-known for its therapeutic benefits, as it’s heavily associated with the aromatherapeutic qualities in lavender. Linalool has been known to alleviate symptoms of anxiety. For instance, this study observes that linalool can help with anxiety caused by social interaction and PTSD.

This strain is great for relaxation and alleviating inflammation, making it perfect as a post-workout aid. Lifter produces rock-hard buds that can grow to be quite big. They are violet-tinted and present a floral, musky aroma when broken into.

While also an excellent form of pain relief, Lifter is especially for those who experience performance anxiety. Rest assured, though, that hemp flower is not a performance enhancing substance, but can be used to help relax and manage pain. That being said, hemp flower is a perfectly legal substance among athletes.

Total CBD: 14.2%

D9-THC: less than .03%

Alpha-Pinene- .04%

Beta-Myrcene- .15%

Limonene- .03%

Linalool- .04%

Suver Haze

 Suver Haze from Berkshire CBD

Berkshire Farms got a high CBD-yilding status from this Oregon-grown crop, thanks to a strenuous period of careful, meticulous cultivation. On top of that, this strain is a terpene powerhouse.

One of the most prevalent terpenes in this strain is alpha-pinene, which has long been a central component in traditional healing and wellness. 

Alpha-pinene has been shown to work especially well at both relieving inflammation and promoting circulation, as shown in this study. Alpha pinene contains a significant deal of anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it useful for loosening muscles and dulling pain.

Meanwhile, you’re sure to find a lot of limonene in Suver Haze, which provides a light, citrus taste to strains while promoting relaxation and improving mood.

With its tastes of pine, cardamom and lemon balm, this is easily one of the best-tasting versions of Suver Haze. These buds are perfectly smokeable, and can be used for speedy pain relief, or to help unwind at the end of the day.

Berkshire CBD’s version Suver Haze strain produces large, dense buds thanks to a cultivation with healthy, organic soil and plenty of sunlight. As with many sativa-dominant strains, the leaves on these buds are a vibrant shade of green. Suver Haze has quickly become a classic in the hemp flower world, thanks to not only its pleasant, lemony flavor, but also for its way to relieve pain and tension while lifting one’s mood and promote relaxation.

Total CBD: 20%

D9-THC: .03%

alpha-Pinene: .04%

beta-Myrcene: .01%

Limonene: .04%

Linalool: .03%

Hemp Flower For Muscle Recovery

Besides the other couple hundreds of cannabinoids, CBD interacts with a series of receptors throughout the nervous system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS).This system plays a big role in regulating mood, stress, pain and appetite, so when CBD attaches to these receptors, it helps the ECS manage these problems better.

In the case of muscle soreness and tissue damage, cannabinoids such as CBD can both provide pain relief and help with the recovery process.

Much of the research regarding CBD is centered around inflammation, such as this study, which showed that CBD can help strengthen the immune system and prevent inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and osteoporosis. 

Meanwhile, this 2018 study observed the growing use of hemp flower and CBD products among athletes, concluding that CBD is not a performance-enhancing substance, although it does work as a pain management aid.

Inflammation is an ailment that affects millions in the form of multiple disorders, and muscle pain is just one of them. 

Luckily, CBD has been observed to relieve oxidative stress, which can help protect muscle tissue while assisting the recovery of strained or damaged muscle tissue, making them great for anyone with muscle soreness and tension.

How Terpenes Help Muscle Pain

Meanwhile, terpenes perform their own roles as a source of therapeutic relief. Terpenes are also highly anti-inflammatory, although their functions remain quite mysterious. However, some terpenes, such as beta-caryophyllene, are known to bind to CB2 receptors, which is how cannabinoids are absorbed. 

This is only one of the ways in which terpenes and cannabinoids work together; they also form a synergistic connection known as the entourage effect, which amplifies the overall effects of all of the terpenes and cannabinoids in hemp.

The entourage effect is more viable in full-spectrum products, as these have all parts of the plant needed to promote the entourage effect. This is why hemp flower is so great: because it comes in the form of whole buds, you’re getting every beneficial part of its plant matter.

While terpenes come in a wide variety, some work better for relieving pain and tension in the muscles while promoting muscle recovery. 

These terpenes are especially useful for muscle recovery:

  • Alpha-Pinene

Alpha pinene gives plants that distinct piney, woodsy smell which often gives a clean taste to hemp flower. Alpha-pinene is both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and can also improve circulation.

Aroma: pine

Found in: rosemary, basil, dill

  • Linalool

Known especially for its prominence in soothing lavender, linalool is popular for anxiety and pain, and helps reduce inflammation and improve your rest quality for a smooth recovery.

Aroma: floral, sweet

Found in: lavender

  • Limonene

Limonene is an antioxidant that can stimulate your immune system, better protecting yourself from getting sick, so that you don’t have to worry about something like a cold keeping you away from your passions. Plus, it’s known to help alleviate stress and elevate mood!

Aroma: citrus

Found in: fruit rinds, peppermint, rosemary

  • Beta-Myrcene

This terpene is especially anti-inflammatory and has a muscle-relaxing effect and, in high doses, works as a potent sleep aid.

Aroma: mango, fruity, earthy, grape

Found in: hops, mango, lemongrass, thyme


Muscle tension can be an uncomfortable, taxing sensation, but hemp flower rich in CBD and terpenes may effectively get you in the state of mind for relaxation while reducing pain and inflammation.

Thanks to its abundance of cannabinoids and terpenes, hemp flower is a versatile remedy that can be enjoyed any time of day.


Can hemp flower help my muscles recover faster?

While more research is needed, hemp flower may be able to help speed the recovery of muscle damage while relieving inflammation.

How does hemp flower help muscle pain?

The best way to administer hemp flower depends on your own preference, but if you’re looking for something convenient and quick, we recommend either CBD flowers to roll into joints, or pre-rolled hemp flower joints, which are easy to use, smooth, and come in our most popular strains.

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