Best Hemp Flower For Tinnitus- Does It Help?

Hemp Flower For Tinnitus

Can Hemp Flower Provide Tinnitus Relief?

Tinnitus is an acute sensation of the ear, characterized by phantom noises, which can occur almost constantly, and can manifest a ringing, buzzing, roaring, clicking and humming sounds.

There is no cure for tinnitus, but patients may seek relief in noise suppression or medication therapy, or they may even be able to treat the underlying cause for it.

Meanwhile, some individuals may seek relief from tinnitus, and even possibly the underlying cause, through the use of hemp flower.

Suver Haze from Berkshire CBD

Thanks to its enjoyable flavor and relaxing properties, this pleasant strain has grown in popularity for pain and stress relief. That being said, Suver Haze could be especially ideal for those who suffer from tinnitus.

Berkshire CBD gets this crop straight from Vermont, where the growing conditions have yielded buds containing an astounding 20% CBD, along with a terpene powerhouse to combat stress and inflammation.

One terpene in this special strain that’s worth a shout-out is limonene, which aside from alleviating pain, is known to lift mood while supplying a refreshing lemon or lemongrass taste.

One of the most present terpenes in this strain is alpha-pinene, which has been shown to work especially well at both relieving inflammation and promoting circulation, as shown in this study. Due to these properties, using a hemp flower strain containing alpha-pinene can be extremely useful to those with foot inflammation and joint tension.

Alpha pinene has been an integral component of medicine for centuries. Found especially in coniferous trees, the bark would traditionally be harvested and made into a resin. 

Berkshire CBD’s Suver Haze strain produces large, dense buds thanks to a cultivation with healthy, organic soil and plenty of sunlight. 

The buds of this strain is a pleasing shade of green, and covered in lovely trichomes. With its tastes of pine, cardamom and lemon balm, this is easily one of the best-tasting versions of Suver Haze. These buds are perfectly smokeable, and can be used for speedy pain relief, or to help unwind at the end of the day.

Total CBD: 20%

D9-THC: .03%

alpha-Pinene: .04%

beta-Myrcene: .01%

Limonene: .04%

Linalool: .03%


Mr. Rainbow from Secret Nature CBD

This fast-acting strain is just the thing for those with sudden bouts of tinnitus. Cultivated in an indoor environment from strains like Cookies and Haze, Mr. Rainbow is ideal for both relieving pain and encouraging productivity.

One of the terpenes in this deceptively powerful strain is beta-pinene, which can help to treat inflammation as well as improve breathing by helping to open up the bronchial tubes. This strain is especially high in beta myrcene, which can help with inflammation while reducing nociceptive pain, as this study observes.

Mr. Rainbow is also high beta-caryophyllene, which works like a champion against inflammatory pain and discomfort. For instance, one study even showed that not only does beta-caryophyllene inhibit inflammation, but it also has an anti-arthritic function, as shown in this study

This lovely strain produces nugs that are large and unique, and possess an almost cloud-like quality to their shape and texture, though they’re dense to the touch. 

The leaves from the bud are an earthy, summery shade of green–although the leaves can vary to pink and purple–with peach-colored hairs that flow in a tendril-like pattern, with an even coating of trichomes.

When broken down, these nugs release notes of sweetness and citrus, making it highly reminiscent of Haze. Perfect for any time of day.

Total CBD: 22.3%

D9-THC: .06%

Myrcene: .97%

Alpha-Pinene: .096%

Beta-Caryophyllene: .054%

Beta-Pinene: .037%


Mothership from Black Tie CBD

If your tinnitus is joined by tension and migraines, the Mothership may be calling you.

This sativa-dominant strain may not be quite relaxing enough to put you to sleep, it definitely performs functions which help relax your nerve and reduce inflammation, which can do wonders for pinched nerve.

Beta myrcene is often quite dominant in hemp flower strains, but in this case, this sedative terpene takes a backseat.

Meanwhile, the top two terpenes in this strain are alpha bisabolol and beta caryophyllene, and while these terpenes don’t quite exude all of the sedative effects beta myrcene is known for, alpha bisabolol is nonetheless therapeutic and relaxing, while beta caryophyllene is a champion when it comes to the fight against inflammation and pain in your body.

Beta caryophyllene is an especially important terpene because while most terpenes tackle the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, it appears to be the only one that can trigger the CB2 receptors. For this reason, beta caryophyllene is extremely efficient when it comes to alleviating pain.

The strain Mothership creates nugs with a pleasing appearance: medium sized and consistent in shape, while producing pine-colored leaves with little orange and red hairs throughout, all the while providing a dank aroma filled with notes of berry and flowers.

With a great taste and smell, along with a beneficial terpene profile, the Mothership provides an experience that is truly out of this world.

Total CBD: 18.24%

D9-THC: .14%

Alpha-Bisabolol: .25%

Beta-Caryophyllene: .23%

Beta-Myrcene: .20%

Farnesene: .04%


Elektra from Blue Ridge Hemp

Derived from Early Resin Berry and SCDC, this hybrid is ever so slightly on the indica side, and will make the perfect nightcap, while also being ideal for some weekend relaxation.

This strain contains almost 17% CBD, so you already know it’s packed with benefits, but it’s also .09% of an underrated, but effective cannabinoid CBG, which works well as an antibacterial agent.

CBG also works well as a source of significant relief for inflammatory conditions of gastric organs, like inflammatory bowel disease. Moreover, it’s great for those with tinnitus who experience frequent muscle spasms and muscle tightness, and alongside beta-caryophyllene, works well to combat inflammation.

Additionally, Elektra contains .11% phytol, which, as shown in this study, can prevent the oxidative stress that is associated with inflammation–even that which is caused by autoimmune disorders. This means that phytol is useful for preventing inflammation damage while alleviating pain.

This strain creates cone-shaped buds in a constant medium size, with a springy, dense texture. The leaves of Elektra are an alluring hue of green, with bits of bronze in the tendril-like pistils. The aroma profile of this strain is generally described as floral and musky, though 

some also say that it reveals notes of tropical fruit and sweet gas, as well.

At first glance this strain’s buds are often noticed for how pleasantly the shades of lime green mix with its earthy hues, with aromas of citrus with hints of chocolate.

CBD: 16.58%

D9-THC: .04%

Myrcene: .6%

Alpha-Pinene: .21%

Beta-Caryophyllene: .2%

Phytol: .11%

Kimber Kush from Dr. Ganga 

If you need a strain to help reduce the chronic pain associated with tinnitus, we definitely recommend Kimber Kush from Dr. Ganja.

This strain is one of the newest editions of the doctor’s, but it’s already gained clout on the site as a sleep inducing, pain relieving bud, thanks to its slight indica dominance, high CBD levels and anti-inflammatory terpene profile.

Like Elektra, Kimber Kush is .73% CBG, which is another cannabinoid known for its therapeutic benefits by alleviating inflammation.

One of the most dominant terpenes in this strain is beta myrcene, which becomes an effective anti-inflammatory aid when combined with higher levels of CBD. Moreover, in rodent-model studies, it’s been shown to even promote the healing of muscle tissue through its mild sedative effect.

Kimber Kush is also rich in beta-caryophyllene, which is helpful against muscle and joint pain, and it does so partly by suppressing neuropathic pain. This function makes it valuable not only for chronic pain, but for many depressive disorders, as well.

Kimber Kush is known for an oak-barrel aroma, which is also present in the flavor along with pine. For those who have had this strain’s relative, Bubba Kush, the aroma is similar, although Kimber Kush has a far more sedating effect.

CBD: 17%

D9-THC: ND (not detected)

Beta-Myrcene: .94%

Beta-Caryophyllene: .85%

Alpha-Humulene: .27%

How Hemp Flower Helps with Tinnitus

The thing about tinnitus is that it’s not a disorder by its own accord; tinnitus is the symptom of an underlying cause such as stress or a previous injury, so hemp flower might not get to underlying cause.

However, the ringing that individuals with tinnitus constantly hear in their ears can be excruciating, and for many, relief in any form is generally welcome. And relief may very well be sought in hemp flower.

Cannabinoids like CBD enter the body through the endocannabinoid system, which play a large role in managing functions of the body like stress, mood, pain and appetite. The ECS takes these cannabinoids to make these functions stronger and more efficient.

There is still not a lot of research supporting tinnitus as a treatment for tinnitus. However, it is known that CBD has a unique series of interactions with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which play a large role in balance and hearing: the key components of tinnitus.

Plus, CBD can help with other neurological disorders, such as epilepsy, which could indicate hemp flower’s potential impact on other disorders.

Additionally, CBD can relieve inflammation and stress, along with the terpenes which are also found in hemp flower.

Terpenes give every strain its aromatic profile, as they do with all medicinal and culinary plants. More importantly, though, terpenes offer their own therapeutic benefits, such as relieve tension and reduce inflammation.


While research regarding hemp flower’s uses for tinnitus is still in its infancy, it may help to alleviate at least some of the pain that comes with the ringing, and its stress-relieving properties may even help work the root cause.

That being said, it’s always advised to consult a medical expert, and review your best choices for treatment.


Can hemp flower treat tinnitus

While there is little research regarding the relationship between tinnitus and hemp flower, it’s possible that hemp flower can assist with an underlying cause of tinnitus, such as anxiety.

Is hemp flower legal?

Hemp flower and CBD isolate products are now legal in all 50 states, and can be lawfully bought, sold and shipped within national borders.

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