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Best CBD Flower Pre Rolls

As hemp flower is now legal in all 50 states, there is a steadily growing amount of research supporting that this non-psychoactive substance may help with conditions such as chronic pain, stress disorders and insomnia. One of the most popular ways of enjoy this is of course, CBD flower pre rolls.

Hemp flower pre-rolls are compact, and companies are often able to suppress the dank aroma associated with both hemp and cannabis, so they can be smoked in public without arousing unwanted attention.

That being said, no two hemp pre-rolls are the same, and what’s even more is that while pre-rolls may be ideal for many individuals, some may do better with another method.

In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite brands for hemp pre-rolls, as well as level out some of the pros and cons of using hemp pre-rolls, whether it’s for anxiety, pain relief, or getting a better night’s sleep.

Best CBD Flower Pre- Rolls


Hawaiian Haze Hemp PreRoll from Mr. Hemp Flower

Mr. Hemp Flower is another brand that features a variety of pre-rolls with strains from their own hemp flower, allowing for a wide variety of choice, featuring strains such as Baox and Elektra, but as we’re heavy on the sativas in this article, we especially love Hawaiian Haze, which has a reputation on the vendor’s website for crushing anxiety,

Hawaiian Haze is a 16% CBD strain, and is particularly high in the terpenes beta-myrcene and limonene. Limonene works not only as an antidepressant and stress-reducing agent, but also provides inflammatory benefits that can especially benefit gastrointestinal issues. Several studies such as this one indicate that the limonene in essential oil has promising anti-inflammatory potential.

Those who have bought their Hawaiian Haze before know that the nugs are small and airy, with an extremely bouncy texture, and vibrant orange-red pistils form a vivid image against the bud’s pale green leaves. When broken into, these nugs release an aroma of grassy pine and sour lemon.

Whether or not you’ve enjoyed Hawaiian Haze before, this enjoyable, uplifting strain is conveniently and neatly rolled into a neutral-tasting paper, making for an especially enjoyable, smokable pre-roll.

Lifter Pre Rolls

Lifter Pre-Rolls from Berkshire CBD

A lot of times, companies manufacture pre-rolls with an amalgamation of trim and kief from other flowers.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this concept, it may lead to dissatisfaction for the consumer who wished to be as informed as possible. Luckily, those who resonate with this can turn to companies that prepare their pre-rolls with the same quality hemp flower you can buy from them in bulk. 

On top of that, they offer pre-rolled versions of strains that customers already love, but for now, Lifter is easily our favorite.

Not only is Lifter a strain known especially for its pain-relieving abilities, but also for the way its sativa-dominant status makes it particularly uplifting.

These pre-rolls are ideal for those who need a little afternoon pick-me-up, and of course it needs to be convenient! And of course, Berkshire solves this by giving CBD and hemp flower lovers exactly what they want, and in a way that they can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. 

At $8.95 each, this brand isn’t the superior when it comes to savings, but it’s nonetheless worth the quality of the hemp flower in each pre-roll, which contains about 150 mg each. 

Plain Jane Pre Rolls

Hemp PreRolls from Plain Jane

Plain Jane is known for keeping their establishment incredibly simplistic and nonsense-free while still maintaining a look of elegance and style, and that unique touch doesn’t end with their hemp pre-rolls.

With their known reputation for making consumers feel significantly more relaxed and less stressed, as well as their discreet appearance, Plain Jane’s pre-rolls are unsurprisingly popular amongst those who intend to quit smoking.

In the same vein with their no-nonsense hemp flower, they are equally serious about their customer service, and as such, they are known for fast shipping and premium quality assurance.

CBD Flower

CBD Flower Cone from Dr. Ganja

If you want a hemp flower pre-roll that’s straight to the point, simple, but undeniably enjoyable, you might get a lot of pleasure and utility from Dr. Ganja’s plain CBD flower cones.

While Dr. Ganja does offer pre-rolls with flavored papers, these have a neutral taste, which allow the flavor of the sativa dominant strain, Juicy Fruit, to shine through.

Juicy Fruit is a strain known for its uplifting, energizing effects, and while Dr. Ganja does not offer this zesty strain as a whole plant order, they offer it exclusively through a series of premium hemp flower pre-rolls, including both flavored and unflavored papers. Dr. Ganja offers a pack for $12 or 3 packs for $30.


CBD Kief Joints from CBD Hemp Direct

With the ideal sunny climates they grow their hemp flower, CBD Hemp Direct is known for producing especially robust outdoor blends, and with these kief joints, you can now enjoy an especially enhanced experience of some of their most popular strains.

CBD Hemp Direct currently offers kief joints made with Paradise OG, Hemp World Haze, Sunset Road Sherbert #2, Juicy Fruit #2 and Casino Cookies #2, and each pre-rolled joint contains 1 gram of their premium industrial hemp and rolled on the outside with CBD kief, which is made up of the delicate, crystalline resin glands, which are packed with the terpenes and cannabinoids that play such a large role in the user’s overall experience.

While these pre-rolled joints are sold as individuals, you’ll find that the size of just one is perfect for yourself or to share.

Benefits of Hemp Flower- Best CBD Flower Pre Rolls

While hemp flower and CBD isolate products have received a considerable deal of anecdotal clout, much of the research is still in its infancy.

However, some of the major conditions associated with the use of hemp flower are gaining an increasing amount of evidence.

The following are some conditions with some compelling evidence regarding hemp flower.

Sleep Aid

Hemp flower has been believed to help improve sleep in a variety of ways, and while one is quite possibly that the cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp help relieve stress, they may also encourage the production of melatonin.

Most recently, research from 2019 focusing on subjects with anxiety and poor sleep found that after one month, 79.2% of the patients reported lower anxiety levels and 66.7% reported better sleep.

It was also shown that CBD can reduce REM behavioral disorder, or RBD, as shown in this 2017 study. Meanwhile, a few studies include one 2014 review, which showed that CBD derived from hemp flower improved the quality of REM sleep in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

To read more about some of our top strains of hemp flower for improving sleep, check out our article here.

Stress Relief

Stress can be a complicated disorder, as it can affect both the body and mind. However, CBD’s special interaction with the endocannabinoid system gives it unique access to the nervous system.

It was shown in this study that CBD has suppressed symptoms of multiple anxiety and stress disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD).

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, CBD has appeared to ease symptoms of generalized anxiety in animal studies.

Learn more about our favorite strains of hemp flower for anxiety here.

Pain Relief

Chronic pain is arguably the most common reason individuals seek out CBD, especially for chronic cases like fibromyalgia and chronic forms of joint pain.

 For instance, one study from the University of Michigan showed that CBD can indeed reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. 

What’s more is that their behavioral study on this in humans showed that it was well-tolerated by the subjects’ bodies, and few side effects were reported.

Despite this evidence, it should be noted that healthcare specialists recommend consultation before using hemp flower or CBD for severe cases of chronic pain, like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Pros and Cons of Pre-Rolls

Rolling your own joints can be a fun experience for a lot of individuals, but if you want more convenience and sufficiency with the same benefits, pre-rolls are the answer.

On top of that, pre-rolls have become popular among those quitting smoking, as their similarity to cigarettes maintains that familiarity. On top of that, hemp flower has shown no signs to be any more habit-forming than caffeine, and its stress-reducing properties can help take off the edge.

However, it should be known that smoking any kind of plant matter in the long term isn’t beneficial for the lungs or heart, and those who wish to maintain the benefits of hemp flower in a way that’s safer on the body may prefer edibles or dry vaping.

Final Thoughts/Takeaway

Hemp flower holds evidence as a beneficial substance, and enjoying them in the form of a pre-roll can be especially convenient and practical for many.

However, the American Heart Association warns that smoking hemp flower or cannabis regularly can lead to cardiovascular disorders.

For this reason, hemp flower pre-rolls may not be the best way to enjoy hemp flower in the long run, but it may be especially useful for those who use it to transition from cigarettes.


Can hemp pre-rolls help me quit smoking?

Hemp pre-rolls may be able to help individuals quit tobacco. One 2013 study demonstrated that the use of CBD alone was able to decrease cigarette consumption in subjects with a reliance on tobacco, while another study from 2018 showed that CBD was able to help smokers quit tobacco because it helped reverse the attentional bias to cigarette cues when going through withdrawal.

Can hemp flower make you feel overstimulated or manic?

Hemp flower may slightly energize the user and raise their mood, but it shouldn’t cause a sense of mania.

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