Best Hemp Flower In Iowa- Where To Buy

Iowa Hemp Flower

In May 2019, Iowa legalized hemp for commercial purposes. The state is waiting to win federal approval on its hemp plan before authorizing the growth, manufacture, and sale of smokable hemp products.

Despite hemp being legal in the Hawkeye State, the development of a legal hemp market has been put on hold.

Is hemp flower legal to buy in Iowa in 2020? Let’s take a look at the legal status of hemp flower in this state. 

Is Hemp Flower Legal in Iowa? 

Iowa is waiting on federal approval before allowing the retail sale of hemp-derived products. Currently, hemp flower is not allowed for sale in the state. 

Despite legalizing hemp Governor Reynolds signed the Iowa Hemp Act into law on May 13, 2019 the state does not allow the growth, possession, or sale of hemp until the state plan wins approval by the USDA. [1]

For the time being, the state hasn’t issued licenses to growers or processors because it’s waiting on the full implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill. Iowa is one of the states that didn’t adopt the 2014 Farm Bill hemp provisions. 

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Iowa?

Iowa is not the friendliest to hemp flower, so you’ll easily find top-shelf flower online. 

Best Hemp Flower on the Market

Here are the hemp strains from reliable companies we recommend and use:

wu 5 hemp flower

Wu 5 from Mr. Hemp Flower

If you’re looking for an indica-dominant strain endorsed by insomniacs, Wu 5 is your bud. This flower contains around 12-15% CBD content and packs a punch enough to give you needed sleep assistance. 

durban poison

Durban Poison from Industrial Hemp Farms

With a total cannabinoid content of 18.5%, this Colorado-grown hemp flower is extremely high-quality. When you buy Durban Poison, you are getting a hand-harvested flower with beautiful buds and fire flavor.

kimber kush

Kimber Kush from Dr. Ganja

An absolute knockout in smell and flavor, Kimber Kush is a CBD-packed hemp flower strain with a 19% total cannabinoid content. This indica-dominant strain is perfect for bedtime smoke helps you smoke away the stress of the day.  

Is CBD Legal in Iowa?

Iowa only allows people with medical cards to purchase CBD oil. The state law requires that Iowa follows the FDA’s guidelines on the sale of hemp CBD products and doesn’t allow CBD food or dietary supplements.  

Governor Reynolds signed the Iowa Hemp Act in May 2019, followed by a letter to clarify the legality of hemp-derived products like cannabidiol (CBD). [1]

In the letter, Reynolds explains that the retail sale of hemp-derived products falls under federal law. Until winning federal approval, over-the-counter hemp CBD products are not legal in Iowa fall within the definition of marijuana and are considered a Schedule I controlled substance.  

The state’s hemp act legalizes the sale of hemp and hemp cannabinoids only in compliance with federal law. 

FAQ on Iowa Hemp Flower Laws

How much hemp flower can you purchase at once (or one time) in Iowa?

Iowa hasn’t regulated the sale of hemp smokable products. The state is waiting on USDA’s approval of its state plan before allowing the sale of hemp CBD products.

Do you need a special license to purchase hemp flower in Iowa?

For the time being, hemp flower remains unregulated in Iowa. The state is planning to issue hemp licenses and allow hemp products after winning approval of its hemp plan by the USDA.

Is it legal to sell hemp flower in Iowa?

Despite legalizing hemp, Iowa doesn’t authorize the sale of hemp flower and hemp CBD products in the state.

Is CBD from hemp legal in Iowa?

According to the state Governor, the state is following the FDA’s guidelines on hemp CBD products and doesn’t allow the sale of CBD foods or dietary supplements.

Where can you buy hemp flower in Iowa?

Since Iowa hasn’t regulated the sale of smokable hemp flower, it can be challenging to find high-quality hemp flower in local dispensaries. Your best option is to order online and have it delivered straight to your home.

Is CBD oil legal in Iowa?

Iowa only allows the sale of hemp CBD oil for medical purposes. Eligible patients who hold a medical marijuana card can purchase CBD oil from five Iowa dispensaries.

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