Kansas State Hemp Flower

Kansas Hemp Flower

Is hemp flower legal to buy in Kansas in 2020? Kansas passed a new hemp law in May 2019, authorizing the commercial sale of hemp and hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC.

Despite the new law, Kansas has put the sale and distribution of hemp CBD products on hold. 

Let’s take a look at the legal regulations of hemp flower in Kansas. 

Is Hemp Flower Legal in Kansas?   

The Sunflower State has banned smokable hemp products and any other hemp products for human consumption that contains hemp-derived ingredients prohibited by the Kansas Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. 

In Kansas, it is prohibited to manufacture, market, sell, or distribute:

  • Cigarettes and cigars containing industrial hemp;
  • Chew, dip, or other smokeless material containing industrial hemp;
  • Teas, liquids, solids, or gases containing for use in vaporizing devices
  • Hemp buds, ground industrial hemp floral material, or ground industrial hemp leaf material to any person in Kansas who is not registered as a processor with the Kansas Department of Agriculture under a commercial plan. 

The ban of smokable hemp products does not prohibit the use of cannabidiol oil in hemp products. 

Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer signed Senate Substitute for House Bill 2167 in May 2019, establishing the state Commercial Industrial Hemp Program under the 2018 Farm Bill. [1]

The law authorizes the commercial sale of hemp and hemp products with less than 0.3% THC. The law also removes hemp and hemp products from the list of controlled substances. 

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Kansas?

Kansas is not the friendliest to hemp flower, so the best approach is to order hemp flower online.  

Best Hemp Flower on the Market

Suzy q hemp flower- buy in Kansas

Now you can taste Suzie Q in the form of a 100% hemp blunt. Suzie Q is known for its potent therapeutic effects and incredibly high CBD content that goes up to 25%. This indica-dominant strain is now available as a blunt with a light piney taste that gives a super relaxed feeling. 

Industrial Hemp Farms worked hard on developing Strawberry Cough a sativa dominant strain that looks, smells, and tastes exactly like its name. This seedless flower offers a sweet strawberry smell and contains 18% total cannabinoids.

Sour Space Candy, or the untrimmed option of Sour Diesel, is cost-effective, but quality flower. This nicely balanced hybrid neither too heavy on the sativa or indica side has a sour-like flavor and will get you going in the morning and help you wind down before bed. 

Is CBD Legal in Kansas?

Kansas hemp bill allows adults to possess and purchase only THC-free hemp CBD products. 

Although hemp and hemp products with less than 0.3% THC are legal under Kansas law, the Sunflower State hasn’t regulated the possession and use of hemp CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC. 

The reason for hemp CBD products not being regulated in Kansas is that the Department of Agriculture is awaiting approval by the USDA on its hemp plan. 

After winning the approval, “new legal authority and regulations will need to be adopted before Kansas can create a commercial program.” [2]

FAQs on Hemp Flower Kansas Laws

How much hemp flower can you purchase at once (or one time) in Kansas?

Kansas only allows the possession and sale of hemp flower by commercially licensed individuals who want to process it but hasn’t restricted the amount of hemp flower allowed to buy at once.

Do you need a special license to purchase hemp flower in Kansas?

Yes, you have to be a commercially licensed processor in order to buy hemp flower in Kansas. 

Is it legal to sell hemp flower in Kansas?

Only licensed growers and processors can sell hemp flower for the production of hemp products. 

Is CBD from hemp legal in Kansas?

Yes, CBD from hemp is legal in Kansas. For the time being, Kansas only allows the sale of hemp CBD products with zero THC. 

Where can you buy hemp flower in Kansas?

Buying hemp flower in Kansas is challenging, so it’s best to order your hemp flower online. 

Is CBD oil legal in Kansas?

Only hemp CBD oil that doesn’t contain any THC is legal in Kansas. The state excluded CBD from the definition of marijuana, so it only authorizes the sale of THC-free CBD oil. 

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