Where to Find the Best CBD Blunts in 2020

Best CBD Blunts

Even with the growing popularity of vapes and edibles, hemp flower enthusiasts still hold a certain respect for the art of smokeables–namely, high CBD blunts and joints.

Joints and blunts can be purchased pre-rolled, or prepared by the individual themselves, and they both involve rolling hemp flower (and possibly kief) in papers with a crutch or filter. And while joints are a type of smokeable enjoyed by many hemp flower lovers, blunts are for those who want something more full-bodied and robust.

But if blunts and joints are both hemp flower rolled in paper, what’s the difference between the two?

It all comes down to the paper: while joints are rolled in papers that are typically thin with a neutral flavor, blunt papers offer a significantly more palpable experience. Before we study this in detail, let’s look at some prime examples of brands for the best CBD blunts.

Best CBD Blunt Brands

Special Sauce

1.) Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll Blunts from Mr. Hemp Flower

Mr. Hemp Flower has built a reputation for their top-standard quality, as they deliver on strains that are consistent and always come with an accurate certificate of analysis, including crown jewels such as Elektra, Sour Space Candy, Special Sauce and Lifter

Because Mr. Hemp Flower uses blunt papers derived from hemp, the burn is going to be about ten times smoother than your average blunt. Meanwhile, the vanilla-resonant, sugary flavor will give you the bold flavor you seek, especially when combined with the hemp flower inside.

Special Sauce is a sativa dominant strain known for encouraging the spirit of creativity and productivity in individuals. This high-CBD strain adds a bit of astringent sweetness to the blunt, and brings out a pleasant oaky taste in the smoke.

Special Sauce tends to offer especially pleasing strains to look at, composing shades of violet, gold and forest green, with a delicate, frosty sprinkling of shimmering trichomes. When ground up, they emit a fresh, vegetative aroma with just a hint of berry. But when broken up, they release their notes of grape candy, carmel, and a little bit of skunk.

We find that the burn of these papers are especially tasty with the strain Special Sauce, which is known for its aromas of hops and earthy berry.

This blunt can be enjoyed any time of day, but we recommend that you try this on a morning off, when you want to get a lot of stuff done without feeling weighed down, whether it’s cleaning your whole house or sparking a creative flow.

Total CBD: 16.23%

alpha-Pinene: .05%

beta-Myrcene: .2%

Limonene: .03%

Linalool: .02%

hemp flower

2.) CBD Hemp Blunt (Stormy Daniels) from Hippy Mood This small Pennsylvania-based CBD company started out on eBay, and have gone from selling to private vendors to expanding their stores. And while they still largely sell privately to other vendors, Hippy Mood does offer their quality hemp to the public online.

While Hippy Mood’s hemp flower alone is something to try, these blunts are fruity and delicious, and while their tobacco-free blunt papers come in a few flavors, we recommend mango the most. Stormy Daniels is an indica strain, so it’s sure to make you sleepy and relaxed, but feeling pleasant and chill, as well.

Even if you might not like flavored blunts, Stormy Daniels with a mango paper is truly the perfect after-work treat for when you’re ready to unwind and feel at ease.

In this pack of three, the blunt paper flavors are natural, strawberry and grape. If you’re curious about flavored blunts, this bundle might be the perfect fit for you.

$24.99 for 1 3.5 g blunt

CBD: 14.45%

*terpenes not listed.*

3.) CBD Blunts 3 Pack from CBD Hemp Direct

With their careful, thoughtful packaging and the way they bring relief, CBD Hemp Direct’s flavored blunts may remind you of the health potions from the video games of your childhood.

And once you light one of these blunts, they do not disappoint.

These blunts burn smoothly and evenly, and the strain used, Durban Potion, is truly a delight of sweetness, diesel, and a bit of frosty fruit. Durban Potion is high in CBD as well as beta caryophyllene, which has shown evidence that it may work as a power anti-inflammatory agent, and it’s also believed to help improve mood.

Total CBD: 16.4%

Caryophyllene: .281% 

Myrcene: .226%  

Humulene: .114%  

Pinene: .051%  

Limonene: .047%  

4.) Sour Space Candy CBD Flower Blunt from Mr. Hemp Flower

Maybe it’s cheating to mention the same brand twice, but Mr. Hemp Flower’s strains do so well that we had to pick 2! 

Sour Space Candy is the offspring of Sour Diesel, Chem and OG, and Mr. Hemp Flower’s harvest of this strain tends to produce a phenomenal balance of t each of these predecessors. Sour Space Candy is often used for joint pain and arthritis, thanks to its consistent properties in relieving inflammation, while also protecting tissue from oxidative stress.

Sour Space Candy is particularly high myrcene, which reduces inflammation while acting as a sedative. In larger amounts, myrcene can turn a strain of hemp flower into an effective sleep aid, though it’s not quite high enough in this case.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of beta-pinene in this strain, which is known to give strains a smell reminiscent of pine forests, and acts as a solid source of anti-inflammatory pain.

It is also high in terpinolene, which provides an astringent burn to smoke, while promoting relaxation and, in larger doses, sleep.

While Special Sauce is the perfect weekend productivity booster, Sour Space Candy makes a tasty treat especially in the afternoon and evening.

CBD 16.28%

alpha-Pinene: .04%

beta-Myrcene: .36%

Limonene: .05%

Linalool: .02%

5.) Cherry Wine Blunts from SOLAREUM

The natural flavor of these blunt papers is honestly the way to go if you want to enjoy this strain’s aroma and flavor unhindered.

Cherry Wine is a lovely strain derived from The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries, and because of its hybrid phenotype, it shouldn’t make one drowsy any more than it should make them feel wired or hyper.

Meanwhile, this Colorado-grown strain tends to contain high concentrations of terpenes like farnesene, as well as beta-caryophyllene, beta myrcene and limonene, giving its aroma an especially therapeutic, refreshing effect.

We’ve talked about the ideal blunt for a weekend morning, as well as desirable blunts for after the work day ends. This blunt, however, is best for the in-between time; namely in the afternoon, when you still need to power through the rest of the day, but don’t want to go for the coffee pot and become hopped up on caffeine when it’s time to relax.

$9 per 1 g blunt

Total CBD: ~15.5%

Fuigi hemp

6.) Fuji Blunt from Secret Nature CBD

Whether you’re just starting your day or escaping it, Secret Nature CBD’s premium blunt will get your state of mind wherever you need to be, while gently cheering the spirits with its sativa-dominant characteristics.

The elegant packaging and paper on this blunt certainly adds to the presentation and the rest of Secret Nature’s elevated style, but once it’s lit, the hemp flower packed inside is what completely steals the show.

Fuji is an Oregon-grown strain known for its high CBD and cheer-inducing effects, as well as a ravishing aroma or ripe tropical fruit, haze and just a little bit of diesel, all wrapped up neatly in an organic tea leaf.

This blunt is great for a bad day, or simply to enjoy some coffee and tunes with.

$20 per 1.5 g blunt

Total CBD: 19.49%

*terpenes not listed.*

7.) Pre-Rolled CBD Natural Wrap from Dr. Ganja

With the sweet, mouth-watering aroma of the Juicy Fruit strain that Dr. Ganja uses for their blunts, you definitely won’t be needing any flavored papers here.

Juicy Fruit also contains a large amount of guaiol, which displays antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as beta myrcene, which is both a sedative and analgesic aid, and has evidence indicating its efficacy as a neuroprotectant, which means that it may help protect the structural and functional integrity of neurons.

These blunts are a bit slimmer and neater than average, and make for an easy, fuss-free way to smoke your hemp flower.

Total CBD: 16%

*terpenes not listed.*

Blunts vs Joints

If you’re wondering whether blunts are ideal for you, it’s important to compare it to the other options you’re considering.

Smokable methods of hemp flower are practically their own category, and within it, users tend to especially compare blunts to joints, and when it comes down to it, paper is key.

Joints are rolled in light, semi-translucent paper, and can either be hand-rolled by the individual, or bought as pre-rolls from hemp flower vendors.

Blunts, on the other hand, are traditionally rolled with tobacco paper, which is brown and much thicker, and delivers a small dosage of nicotine. However, many vendors are aware that not all consumers want nicotine, so tobacco and nicotine-free blunt leaves are more common for CBD smokers. Nonetheless, these are still identified as blunts because of the thick, brown appearance of the paper.

While joints tend to have very little taste (unless the paper is flavored), the tobacco paper in blunts give off a much more robust taste that may be overwhelming for some. That being said, blunts may not be ideal for those who are used to hemp flower, although the slight bit of nicotine may be useful for those who wish to use hemp flower for quitting tobacco.

Hemp Flower Benefits

Hemp flower is closely related to marajuana, but these two plants share one big difference: unlike marajuana, hemp flower doesn’t contain enough of the psychoactive compound, THC, to get the user high. However, hemp still contains an abundance of terpenes and phytocannabinoids, which may offer potential benefits for our well-being.

Phytocannabinoids are cannabinoids derived from plants, and when we consume them, they are recognized and absorbed by a series of receptors throughout the body known for regulating and managing pain, stress, mood and appetite, and it’s called the endocannabinoid system.

Terpenes are also found in plants, and they tend to come with a distinct set of aromas. In fact, terpenes are the compounds which give culinary and medicinal herbs their scents.

Moreover, terpenes may also help fight bacteria and inflammation as well as relieve stress.

While hemp flower and CBD isolate products have received a considerable deal of anecdotal clout, much of the research is still relatively new, but here are a few instances where hemp flower and CBD have garnered evidence.

Stress Relief

CBD and hemp flower are frequently bought by individuals in order to ease their stress and anxiety, and this may be backed up by science; according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, CBD has appeared to ease symptoms of generalized anxiety in animal studies. Meanwhile, it was shown in this study that CBD has suppressed symptoms of multiple anxiety and stress disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD).

Learn more about our favorite strains of hemp flower for anxiety here.

Sleep Aid

While the functions are still not fully understood, there is worthwhile evidence indicating that hemp flower can help improve one’s sleep.

In one 2019 study that focused on patients with anxiety and poor sleep found that after thirty days, 79.2% of the patients reported lower anxiety levels and 66.7% reported better sleep.

The CBD in hemp flower may also help encourage the production of melatonin, as shown in this study, and perhaps even reduce REM behavioral disorder, or RBD, as shown in this 2017 study

To read more about some of our top strains of hemp flower for improving sleep, check out our article here.

Pain Relief

Chronic pain is an especially popular reason people purchase CBD and hemp flower, especially for chronic cases like fibromyalgia and chronic forms of joint pain.

Through its unique interaction with the endocannabinoid system, CBD helps promote pain management functions by dulling pain receptors, improve the reception of serotonin, and reduce inflammation.

Further, there is even research indicating that CBD may have a future in anti-inflammatory medication, and that it may be more reliable than traditional NSAIDs like Tylenol.

Despite this evidence, it should be noted that healthcare specialists recommend consultation before using hemp flower or CBD for severe cases of chronic pain, like arthritis or fibromyalgia.


While blunt papers tend to contain nicotine, it may not be ideal for those who wish to avoid the substance. However, if you’re quitting smoking, or simply wish for a bolder-tasting, more flavorful way to enjoy hemp flower, high-CBD blunts may be an ideal option.

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